I love how not only Theatrhythm uses the excellent soundtrack from the Final Fantasy series, it also incorporates a bunch of the RPG stuff, making it a full celebration of the series with excellent rhythm gameplay.
I was apprehensive about the jump from touch to button controls, but even if it takes a few songs of practice it didn't end up being a problem for me, I love it just as much as Curtain Call.
Series Quest has some interesting challenges that make building a party and interacting with the RPG elements a lot of fun, and Endless World provides some extra challenge for the truly dedicated.
There are a few minor gripes, as the game builds mostly on All-Star Carnival it feels like there is a certain lack of new characters (please give me Jack from Stranger of Paradise and the Crystal Exarch from XIV), and as a huge FFXIV fan the Shadowbringers tracklist could certainly be better. But these are mostly "I want more" complaints, and I hope there is some they could remedy with DLC and updates.

Reviewed on Apr 11, 2023