Team Asano has been carrying the torch of turn based RPGs at Square Enix for some time, and with Octopath Traveler II they continue their excellence with a unique combat system that evolves what the original done and spins it in even more curious directions.
Each character has, beyond their classes, unique traits and skills that not only you can exploit in battle but are actually woven in their storylines and sometimes to great effect in their boss battles. There are some truly magical moments where gameplay and storytelling merge to deliver some unforgettable setpieces.
I still struggle with juggling all characters and classes, I wish there was an easier way to keep the party caught up on levels. The equipment already helps with stats, but you still need job points for skills and in general the "secondary" members you chose always seem to be lagging behind in some way.
Octopath Traveler II is a sequel that improves the original in every way, and while superficially it might seem similar, it manages to be unique and bring surprising ideas to change your strategies and deliver a great story.

Reviewed on Apr 18, 2023