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OpenArena (version 0.8.8) is what happens when 2000s Linux users give Quake 3 the Freedoom treatment. The groundwork was already made quickly with Q3's source code being made in a surprisingly short timespan leading to the ioquake3 source port (for lack of a better word), so all that needed were a small handful of people that knew 3D modeling and texturing. It just ended up being that one of the more skilled art people was also horny for anime (monster-)girls. Good for them, I guess. Read some old chatter that a new iteration called "OA3" would shake up both the visual styling and character design, but maybe personal lives stalled that goal. Don't know everything.
Just how (in)compatible is this with the CPMA mod patch, though? There was also an oldish ioquake3 blog entry about raytracing, but that was also made during the time of Quake Wars, so functionality there is not as clear. Actually, take this second paragraph as an acknowledgement that I haven't taken part of a multiplayer server that wasn't automatically filled by an AI yet, so my information isn't as useful there. Wish I was more aware of the modding scene for OA/Q3 when activity was really ticking.
The game is quite literally off-market Quake III Arena, there's not much to say here.

A free to play browser game disguised as a fun little indie project someone just "accidentally a develop" , but in reality is intricately designed to be as addicting as possible despite there being literally 0 point or goal, not even in a meta sense. I saw a handful of review that sums it up the best, "Addictive.", "pfff Needs more gun upgrades." and "can you make more games like this".
Progress Quest but without the iconic legacy Windows GUI.
Cow Clicker but on one derivative, stupid premise lacking wry wit.
To call it shallow would be to praise even the thinnest puddle.
Vile, unadulterated dreck. This slot machine designer's glittered up swirling turd being lined up alongside the likes of "Fatale" and "Every day the same dream" in running for Best Indie 2009 is truly disgusting and demonic. Video games are better than this. I deserve better content than what this soulless, childish heap of Idea. Not even multiple, but one, because that's all there is to it.
I've been informed that I have "missed the point" of the game, it's not that you just mash WASD pointlessly, you can also tick some options menu boxes between runs before pressing continue to go back to mindlessly mashing WASD.

When you love playing with GLSL scripts on Shadertoy, but also your work isn't recognized unless it's formatted as a walking simulator.
RIYL: Raytracing In One Weekend, Ray Tracing Gems, "highest rated on Artstation/Behance", Adobe After Effects lyric videos