This review contains spoilers

Aureil's Bow is my favorite weapon in any Elder Scrolls game.
Turning the sun to a bloodmoon was probably one of the best gaming moments for me.

Incredible fanservice expansion that washes away the bad taste of Mass Effect 3 ending, play it last.

A lot of people didnt like this, but i think it was amazing, it takes you from the open world of New Vegas and puts you in this new experience where you must survive your way through oppressive horror-themed levels.
The ending is poetic and it houses some of the best characters in the game.

(Hearts of Stone & Blood and Wine) is the greatest expansion pack ever made, i can't imagine Witcher 3 without them.

My favorite Fromsoft game, I'd love to see them make another game like it. It felt the most alive world they created, shame there was no dlc for this.

One of the best and most immersive games i had the pleasure of playing.

I'd love to become a Witcher ngl