mainly using this keep track of games I need to finish as well as show to friends asking for games I enjoyed.
most of my reviews are positive because i don't like talking about bad games
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Such a phenomenal fangame. It's hard for me to even believe how perfectly they recreated a game like Bloodborne in this style so well but they absolutely nailed it. Not only that, but all the additional content in this game (including the secret added boss) all feel so distinctly Fromsoft and are so much fun to play through, and there was never a point where I wasn't just enjoying myself.

Easily the best game in the series. All of the music is extremely catchy, and feature some of the best mapped rhythm game levels across the games. Not only that but it features a pretty fun co-op mode, an entire campaign where you play as Parappa with altered songs and new cutscenes. I may be biased as this is one of my favorite games but I highly recommend this for its charm, fun gameplay, and short length. Games with those qualities are made specifically for me.

Just better than the original game in pretty much every aspect. The plot in this game is a lot stronger than the first, and the combat feels so much more refined. I feel like this game could really be a perfect conclusion to the franchise as a whole as it leaves off on a really strong note, and this game left me feeling a lot more satisfied than the original after completion.