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Played through the story mode a long time ago then recently some of my friends started playing so I gave it another shot. This game is defiantly more fun with friends. The game play isn't very inventive but I had a good time with my friends.

Recently finished the story mode and am now going to playing online. The story basically is a really long tutorial for online so I recommend playing through that first. Other than the weird controls, everything is perfect.

A pretty unique shooter that doesn't revolve around killing people. The atmospheres are amazing, the characters have such cool designs. The online aspect is the most fun you'll have in the game. But like a lot of Nintendo games the way online play works sucks. Constant disconnecting. Its also really easy to lose connection from the rest of the community, I've been playing since launch and many people are max level and have gained lots of skill. I'd feel sorry for people who are new to the game who don't get to play because these sweats are busy destroying them. Not really affecting me though.