Love little weird game but also play AAA. Discovery is key.
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Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
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A weird game, mostly experimental, but short and free.
A good mood and some interesting visual and sound.

One of these weird dream who is boring in a way that it's not confortable, but still keep you to it, and use this feeling in his progression, story and is part of the identity of the game.
It settles a mood, the routine finish to wire your brain and make each little difference between day pop up more. The game is slow, minimalist in term of element or interaction, but yet surprising.
It's unique and a big mood. If you want video game experience that can only be made through video game, this is on of these beautiful game.

An animated interactive short movie. It's short (like 2h or so) but full of idea, change of setting and art style while keeping a high level of quality ! Oh, and the ost is superb, love the sound direction on it.
Some little bug can still appear, but it did not occur in my first playtrough, but in the replay when I try to 100% the game. And some puzzle can be a little tricky or weird, but if you're use to point'n click shenanigans, you'll not be lost.