A weird game, mostly experimental, but short and free.
A good mood and some interesting visual and sound.

One of these weird dream who is boring in a way that it's not confortable, but still keep you to it, and use this feeling in his progression, story and is part of the identity of the game.
It settles a mood, the routine finish to wire your brain and make each little difference between day pop up more. The game is slow, minimalist in term of element or interaction, but yet surprising.
It's unique and a big mood. If you want video game experience that can only be made through video game, this is on of these beautiful game.

An animated interactive short movie. It's short (like 2h or so) but full of idea, change of setting and art style while keeping a high level of quality ! Oh, and the ost is superb, love the sound direction on it.
Some little bug can still appear, but it did not occur in my first playtrough, but in the replay when I try to 100% the game. And some puzzle can be a little tricky or weird, but if you're use to point'n click shenanigans, you'll not be lost.

A game about waiting between playing sessions, and managing waiting time, and probably the best and cutest game of this genre I played.
The game is about fetching memory and waiting before retriving them. It make a strange pace where you can launch thing in the morning when you wake up, and harvest them the evening, after finishing your day. Each memory is a nice artwork, making pieces of story each times.
The whole visual is polish and contemplative, help by the music and audio ambient. The evolution from the start of the game to the end, visually but also in term of story, is really fascinating. The story unfold pieces by pieces, and can get some emotional core which aren't obvious at first but when it strikes, works so much.
Finish this game takes a lot of time, not in play time but waiting in between, which make it a little like a slow journey, with a lot of investissment, but it make the game even more worth it.

A wonderful game with a unique mood, but also some strange design decisions. The ambiance is superb, the voice actors are splendid and the idea of just wandering around a little floating hospice is really nice, with some clever dialog and pace. The music help set up the mood and also characterize the game and each character. The story also change and evolves as much as needed to let you feel to have an influence while not being the almighty most important character : you're just an observer, a bystander. The idea of eardropping on other conversation just by passing by also feel very good !
The biggest flaw is the save system : it only save the game inbetween day of the game. The game is 3 day long. The days are in "real time" so they take like 1h30 to pass. So, it's mean if you launch the game, you have to play for at least 1h30. And if you want to play the second day, you HAVE to play for ~3h. No inbetween. It's really frustrating.
But in general, the game style touch me and charmed me. So, I still recommand it.


A cute morbid game with great aesthetic. Short but full with many little idea, even if the polish is not there in the technical aspect.