I am in my "not going to finish games if the systems dont catch my attention fast enough" era. I played this for an hour, then watched pieces of the rest of it, and then watched an analysis of the story. Honestly, this was one of those games that I knew I wouldn't really be into in terms of gameplay, but knew that it would be worth diving into the story and the cultural impact of. I think games like this and Doki Doki are pretty interesting concepts (though the former was substantially more interesting because of its technicalities and 4th wall breaks), attempting to play with psychological horror by making use of mental health story elements. Its something I'd like to see a little more of, but I want them to break away from anime plots. Both this and Doki Doki have very typical horror anime plots, and as someone who watched that type of stuff in high school, I'd like to see something different done with these themes. I guess Hellblade is the closest big-budget thing that kinda does this. More of that would be cool

Reviewed on Mar 12, 2023