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there are these VERY SERIOUS scenes in gray labs that are VERY SERIOUS because the bad guys are going to do TERRORIST things and the game is VERY SERIOUS. then the level starts and the music sounds like a monster truck commerical

A fun surprise! I hear this game described as a metroidvania which isn't exactly accurate. Every level is completely separate, but each one is designed kinda like those metroidvanias with backtracking to unlock inaccessible areas using newfound abilities. I really like how you carve out every level like this, it makes it feel like you've really conquered the area and fully understand it.
The real star is the player character who's lots of fun to control. She interacts with the environment and enemies very naturally, it's fun to go through the game and chain together all the moves super smoothly. It has a level of polish and fluidity in the intersection and animation that you'd expect from a bigger game. Yeah, that's a good way to describe this game: polished. It has that Nintendo level of polish and imagination that pushes it over the edge.
High recommendation.

How does this get made and released? The year was 2006, hadn't we figured out what was required for a AAA release by that point? There's so many things in this game that were perfectly fine in Sonic Adventure, which came out 8 years earlier. This game feels like it came out before Sonic Adventure. What the fuck happened? They already had a good foundation to build from! In theory this game is very similar to Sonic Adventure but it's just a little bit... off. Why are the hub areas so massive when they weren't that way in Sonic Adventure? Why does Sonic awkwardly preserve all his momentum when he changes direction during a jump, even though Sonic Adventure did it correctly? Why don't enemies die when I jump on them like in Sonic Adventure? Why am I forced to play as other characters even though I fucking selected Sonic, when that isn't the case in Sonic Adventure? In that game, if I wanted to play as Tails, I'd fucking choose Tails from the menu. I don't want to play as Tails, I want to play as Sonic. This isn't complicated! Sonic 06 is full of things that make you go wonder why they were chosen, why they had to happen.
I suppose the real question is why I chose to play it... and I really don't know. It was five bucks on the Xbox store so I figured there isn't much to lose. Don't make my mistake, just leave the game alone.