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JacobCostlow finished The Disney Afternoon Collection
Enjoyed all of the games part of this to some extent. The whole is better than the sum of the parts type game. Achievements kept me from using the rewind and felt like I really beat them myself.

2 days ago

JacobCostlow finished Disney's DuckTales 2
I think I liked the levels more overall but the music pales in comparison. Kind of balances out a little bit. Helped I was more used to the pogo jump mechanic going in this time though.

8 days ago

11 days ago

11 days ago

JacobCostlow finished Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Remastered
The best one hands down. 4 tries and they made a good game that, while linear, had path choices. I actually cared about the story this time, which was helped by long, but unobtrusive cut scenes. The climbing and gun play were tweaked from the broken mess they had slipped into by 3, and the open driving sections were genuinely fun. Slight gripe on the random mechanics added in the third act for mere moments: looking at you flashlight controller smack. I love that there are crash bandicoot inspired sections (car chase) making that house section in the beginning actually tie in literally, not even mentioning thematically with Elena's quieter thirst for adventure.
Maybe the best of the genre? This time it was even a game!

12 days ago

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