Cute but slight. Frustrating mechanics at time with beautiful glimpses of the magic of creative play that Lego should inspire. The intro and final level are the best in the game and if they made more exactly like that, we’d be cooking!

Tight controls that lead to so much of the platforming being fun. Even mechanics like swinging, which is often loathsome in 2D, shines brightly. Exploration was a genuine joy!
On the other hand, most of the weapons end up coming too late to be all that useful and feel like padding, less a key to the map. I was much more excited to find a health or power fragment, this pushed my character forward in a meaningful way. Story is garbo, kind of expected, and most of the bosses are a bit too easy if you explored much at all.

Not one of the best in a cluttered genre, but certainly in the better half of the spectrum.

Didn't have trouble with the control scheme so I'm not sure what the deal with that is? Intuitive platformer with great weight to the characters. Despite the initial offering from this series being a rip off of Mario, this entry bodies the bulk of 2D Mario offerings from the same period.

Now this is what I'm talking about (this is not what I'm taking about)

Every review says weird because this game is so weird when placed against even the vaguest notion of Mario. Honestly would love if something this differently styled could happen again but with the Disney like corporate aesthetic of modern Mario, wonder will be the most different aesthetically we’ll get for a bit.

That all said, controls are STIFF and it’s short as hell.

Very fun gameplay in almost every act of the game. Obviously the first and biggest is the strongest, but the second GBA Yugioh styled section was also a contender.

The framing is a real mixed bag. The escape room elements start really strong but ultimately rug pulls into yet another creepy pasta cursed indie game. The acting on the video clips sure didn't help sell it either.

When you’re cooking, it’s an addictive thrill. When you make a mistake early on those later levels, it’s an uphill slog to victory or the eventual restart. Level to level difficulty is too inconsistent but I also had fun. A tough one to sum up, partially because there are two different games with their own little oddities. All in all, thank god all global conflicts ended so I could give this game a try.

A novelty at this point that would have been great back at its release. One of those games that was replaced by modern accessibility that you don’t have to sacrifice core features for.

Very neat game made from a very small concept. I’m not good enough to beat the levels organically but it was still a fairly satisfying experience and difficulty curve.

Basic puzzles are a bit too easy as the pixel art from actual games lends to more specific forms. The color was a blast and clip is a fun diversion. As like last time, just don’t click with mega.

Picross scratches my brain 5 stars. Mega picross annoys me 2 stars.

Final final level had my mental shattered

Fixed the tedium overflowing in the first one with smarter traversal, purpose to mechanics that lacked previously, and removal of the time filler. People complaining too short, probably forgot how many hours were spent redoing stealth missions because they were spotted once, missions where MJ/Miles play walking sims, or the taskmaster challenges that were more frustrating than fun most of the time.

This isn't even getting to the story, which unlike the first game, is truly a world unto itself. The first was really just a rehash of various brand new day stories with one or two twists. Spider-man 2 really plays with pieces and becomes a breath of fresh air for the franchise in much the same way that Ultimate Spider-man (the comic) was in 2000.

This is barely a knock and truly didn't change the rating, but Venom is as fun to play as here as he was in 2005 (not) and if they really want to make a spinoff featuring him, they need to COMPLETELY fix that.

Enjoyed all of the games part of this to some extent. The whole is better than the sum of the parts type game. Achievements kept me from using the rewind and felt like I really beat them myself.

I think I liked the levels more overall but the music pales in comparison. Kind of balances out a little bit. Helped I was more used to the pogo jump mechanic going in this time though.