Every choice made was in favor of less fun. So bad they had to reboot the franchise just a few years later. The inevitable remake of this will still be unfun, there’s nothing here to save. Tedious.

Fun for the most part. The puzzles were often a bit too straightforward and the writing loves to slow everything down. Would have been better if that Tim Schafer humor was turned down and the Pixar lite story was minimized.

Might just me but felt like it overstayed a little. Towards the end I felt like the path became more cryptic, but not in a fun way. Still good but o think a second run might be more of a balanced fun.

Fixes nearly every problem in the arcade game for a breezy beat ‘em up with fantastic boss fights.

Pretty good, odd choice for no 4 player local?

I don’t think I made one meaningful decision that wasn’t just to expedite the game. Had a game over and realized I didn’t care enough to continue in the final world.

Something missing. Maybe it’s the pacing but just felt like it never had oomph.

While the fights themselves are compelling (more often than not), the navigation to get back to fights kills the drive to complete. I only had two more and was just annoyed how long it takes to get back to them in the lost woods. With a few tweaks, this game could go from tedious to a decent gem.

Icarus was already a kid. Did they mean kid Daedalus?

Was going for 100% but then i goofed and deleted my file to do the first run achievement. Fun game, although the middle portion when you're building your town the most kind of sags. Could have used one more chapter between 1 and 2 for a better curve I think.

This review contains spoilers

Spoiler alert you fuck your sister :)

Solid up until the final two bosses. Such an extremely frustrating difficulty curve that left me abusing the rewind feature. If the game had been like that the whole time it would be one thing, but it truly came out of nowhere. I don’t feel satisfied, just glad I finished it.

If more levels were as good as the last one, this might have been less repetitive