Solid follow up to an all time classic.

The best game on the Genesis. A MUST PLAY for fans of Retro Games.

An actually pretty good Match-3 game disguised as a porn game.

This game is so bad you guys.

A bad pack-in game that costed $60.

The worst game I've ever played, and likely ever will play. Good Atari 2600 games aged incredibly poorly; how do you think one of the ones that crashed the industry in North America aged? An absolutely horrible game that everyone should experience once in their life. Just so they can know how bad it can truly get.

This game gives me heart palpitations.

Easily one of the worst games I've ever played, but still a hilarious experience... if you can learn how to control it.

Somewhat of a black sheep of the franchise, but one that I very much enjoy.

My favorite Ace Attorney game. The new cast is fantastic, and the game has some of the best cases in the series.

A very large part of my childhood.

A very solid RPG with excellent characters.

A phenomenal romp that splays to Rockstar's strengths.

A perfect game. An absolutely sublime experience from start to finish. A genre-defining classic. Need I say anymore?

An incredible sequel to a perfect game. While it had a tough act to follow, it pulls through and became an instant classic.