Trails in the Sky FC and SC were a great experience and a breath of fresh air when getting deeper into RPG’s this year, as even from my past experiences with Xenoblade and such Trails in the sky was an experience that had caught me captivated with it’s enthralling whimsical presentation within the first game which carries over to the 2nd game in the series. Many elements like the before mentioned aspects are some very considerable traits of the
Anyways hope you enjoy the review!
Trails in the Sky Fc had really shined through it’s presentation and Music ( Sophisticated Fight etc) really allow the player to resonate within the perspective of Estelle’s excitement of her first adventure as a junior bracer to explore to continent of country of liberal as it’s currently in the age of Orbal revolution which can be easily seen during visit to the state of Zeiss where it’s the main city state of orbal technology creation in liberl. Creations such as Airships and orbal cars ( seen later in Zero/Azure ) are employed throughout the land, and as the game’s progress we see newer technologies created. The ever evolving world from FC to azure is incredible as the player is shoved in an ever evolving world as we are shown to new technologies being introduced to us during the player’s adventure in Liberl. FC really helps the player get immersed into the world of trails through the inexperienced eyes of Estelle as she is constantly exposed to new experiences throughout the land of Liberl. The game is great at setting up the second half of the story within SC as we are constantly drip fed mysteries concerning Joshua's past which leads greatly into the main conflict of SC. The moments where the relationship of Estelle and joshua is focused upon is amazingly done and grown quite naturally throughout the course of the story, where they usually are developed over short seemingly insignificant moments where they end up bonding throughout the story, help develop the greatly established dynamic of Joshua and Estelle so greatly over the course of the game.

This game has honestly gave me new insights into what experimental media is and what it can be as the beginner's guide does everything that's offered in that type of genre it's. The use of meta narrative is perfectly integrated into the "level design" of each levels the game takes you too, as all of them contain some deeper meaning of the game's level's developer coda, as we see that each of the levels have some unique meaning that applies to the both the narrator and the creator. The effective characterisation of the levels just evolves and evolves turns into something quite wonderful.
You should definitely play the game as it's a short and wonderful experience as it uses every minute into developing something that's quite unique

zelda with short hair is cute af honestly

Gave me undertale vibes throughout the game but with Robots and Niko and shit ton more meta!.
This game was a fucking blast to play with how innovative and out of the box ( quite literally) solutions in order to solve the puzzles as for some you needed to mess around with your own computer file DO YOU KNOW HOW CRAZY THAT IS??? like god damm i would never thought of that. The way how it utilises the "breaking the 4th wall aspect was also really well done as how it was incorporated into the story and gameplay quite seamlessly.
4.5/5 definitely play this game if you to get mindfucked with creativity!

a game that's good in all aspects of the fantasy genre certainly is the rpg genre

My first expearience with Main line megaten it's easily one of my favourite games of all time the story short but really well done, with the thematic execution is all wonderfully well done. The combat system is to me RPG combat at it's finest. Everything about this game makes me happy that i decided to play this game

The best definitive version of the game, pretty good all in all, wonderful game