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★★★ - unimpressive, but good
★★½ - middle-of-the-road, more good than bad
★★ - more bad than good
★½ - pretty bad
★ - awful, little to nothing to enjoy here
½ - anime game
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Would've been in my top-10 if I weren't bad with numbers (and I do mean the one-digit kind)

Don't you just hate finishing an open world game's story and immediately losing interest in booting it up, accepting the fact that you won't be doing all the fun endgame grinding and side-quests you were looking forward to, because it feels weird playing any more with the story concluded?

Yeah, me too. Red Dead 2 was an extremely fun time, though. I wasn't tracking my playthrough or looking at number of hours played, but it took me a couple weeks to finish this one at a comfortable pace, which is really impressive concidering how detailed and content rich this world is. But at the end of the day, the writing is what kept me going, and my only hope now is that I someday return to this world and see Arthur have his TB-Induced come-to-Jesus moment, in what has to be the most realistic and relatable "man realising he has been a shithead his whole life" narrative I've ever experienced. It's certainly better than any GTA story I've ever seen (the game in general being everything I would ever want from a Rockstar open-worlder, honestly).

Also please make that RDR1 PC port already!

Cool set-pieces, interesting dialogue, vibes unclear, needs more than one playthrough. Highly recommend checking out for yourself and dabbing on Russian fachists in any online discussion (especially if you're of the slavic complextion)