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Beat leshy and then thought "ok nice short roguelike". Boy was I wrong.


This review contains spoilers

i might be biased but idgaf do NOT mess with autistic yttd fans!!! anyways i’ve been a fan since 2-2 came out in 2018 and my love for it only grew since the release of the first part of chapter 3. the story is great and while yttd may look unassuming at first, it truly does have great lore. no character’s deaths go to waste and no characters are stupidly magically revived either (i mean the dolls are one thing but that’s not the actual dead person it doesn’t count). joe’s death was completely unexpected and the narrative only continued to grow from there. chapter 3 did feel weaker story-wise compared to 1 and 2, but until the game is fully released i’m holding back on critiquing chapter 3 as a whole. overall, a great game for what it is with a wonderful cast. rip joe though you were the realest

waiter waiter!! more robot yuri please!!!

Extremely unfortunate that one of the best ps2 games of all time has donald duck in it.

FUCK this game I FUCKING HATE backtracking I HATE limited inventory i dont wanna have to walk all the way fucking back to some god damn box just to put some healing item that i will never use away so i can pick up a god damn key. dumb bitch just put the key inbetween your breasts or something its really not that big. game looks great though love the style and im sure the story is top notch.

this was good im not trans or anything but i liked the game

When I'm in the most pretentious game competition and my opponent is Shadow of the Colossus.

this expansion sucks dick, bungie is lucky theres no new ff14 content rn

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