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This duology is very important for the Zelda franchise, as from here it'll be changed forever. BEST ENDING in the history of this franchise and one of the best I've ever seen. The last 30 minutes of this game is a visual and auditory orgasm
Finally, what I've always wanted for the series is coming true more than ever. A game with a well-written, well-placed and beautiful story. Since Breath of the Wild this has been happening, and here in a much more expository way.
Tears of the Kingdom to me is an epilogue to Breath of the Wild. A passage of time, where you finally see the restoration of Hyrule from the great tragedy of 100 years ago, and one of the best epilogues I've ever seen. From now on, together, we'll build Hyrule and return it to its glory days.
I still prefer Breath of the Wild because of its theme and how that story got us here (also Sheikah > Zonai). I'm very attached to the story of the Champions, but it's personal to me.

A game that makes you value life. This game was literally PERFECT in all aspects until the climax. I was even amazed, because if it had stayed as good as it was, it would easily be one of the best games ever made. After the prison arc it decayed and was just so-so, twists was kinda weird.
For last, Xenoblade 3 has probably the 2nd best soundtrack I've ever listened in a game. Harmonic piano in games isn't common, flute that gives identity to the work, legendary composers, literally symphony orchestra with rock & guitar and it still worked.

Zack's story is fine, the graphics are great, but the missions are dumb, mindless and repetitive, the battle system is boring, and Genesis is one of the worst characters in the series, trying way too hard to be cool and just falling flat on its face.

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Yes, indeed.
Kichikuou Rance is viewed as one of the most important Eroge ever created.
A work that requires extensive historical discussions.
But that is not all.
Because the game’s narrative itself—is in need of such discussions as well, but from a philosophical perspective.
A story with endless layers, complex character arcs, and overarching—partially meta—themes such as conflict, love, and free will.
A game that can be re-visited countless times over the years thanks to the incredible freedom the player has while experiencing it. Even after reaching the true ending, much is left to be discovered. It feels like you’ve merely scratched the surface of what the game is hiding.
A game that will make you realize what art can achieve through the sheer passion of its creators.
A game that will leave you speechless.
A game that makes me proclaim: “Yes! This is why I love humanity!”

I've always wanted to conquer the world.
Sadly I live in modern America where guns the greatest thing known to man, bayonets are completely impractical, swords are fucking useless, and those amazing european suits of armor with dick protectors (yes those exist) are obselete. Thankfully, video games exist nowadays and I can kill my unquenchable thrist for this unknown type of urge I want. After years, I found what I was looking for. Strategy RPGs. For a while, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War had what I wanted. Massive interconnected maps with a simple battle system and a great storyline to boot. Also, the game has a rating system which begs you to get a perfect game (which I plan to do one day) along with a generation system where the relationships of characters can lead different troops you get down the road. But the game wasn’t enough. The map was confined to a dozen or so maps that you couldn’t go back to and check on later. Plus, Fire Emblem had gone back to their regular old self and never tried this type of approach ever again. Plus, that rumored remake is probably not happening. Thankfully, I decided to graduate to grand strategy games and test their waters. There’s just one problem, they all fucking suck. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Total War, and Liberty or Death were tailor made for hardcore players and insane PC gamers who can multitask like gods and know how to work their extremely advanced and complex UI and mechanics. They were a little too big for my taste. But thankfully, I found this game, Kichikuou Rance.
It has what I wanted. It’s immersive like wow I’m conquering the fucking world! It has a pretty simple UI design (being made in 1996 by a bunch of wack jobs who only made Dragon Quest but with pornographic twists and turns) and a simple battle system that just clicks. And, they are so many variables to take notes on. All main characters (side notes: there’s 167 characters I’m not joking) have good and bad ends depending on your actions. I want to go back to this game one day and just make the absolute limit of a strategy to get as many of the good endings of characters as possible. Ah yeah. The sex. It’s fine. Not the best. Not the worst. I was kinda shocked that one of the women in the game had a dozen guys with blue, pink, green, whatever hair and I was like “oh zamn thats nice”.
Anyways, good game. And before anyone asks, no I'm not a Rance fan.

My other favorite game of all time in so many ways. While it might not be the most flashy or advanced game ever, the amount of heart put into it and the stories within more than make up for it's technological disadvantages. This is my ideal game in every way imaginable. I dislike scoring things based on categories (and really just scoring things in general) but Kichikuou Rance is the only game that I can easily give a 10/10 in every single category. This game means the world to me. Even among high budget AAA games, there is nothing that quite compares to the majesty (no pun intended) of this title. From start to finish this was a masterpiece, and I wouldn't give up my experiences with it for the world. The only problem I have with it is that I can never play it again for the first time.
Thank you AliceSoft for making such a work of art. I don't think I can fully convey my love for this title, but it is well deserving of every bit of praise it gets.

First competent playthrough and haven't finished it yet, but having reached the demon war stages... I don't think that it would ever deserve less than this.
I don't know if I want to know everything about this game or not. It's enchanting.


Metroid Fusion é mais linear que seu antecessor, com isso, sua exploração diminuiu consideravelmente, portas se trancam e locais ficam inacessíveis até você ter o que é necessário para avançar, porém, ainda existem diversos secrets para aumentar sua munição espalhados pelo mapa então a exploração não se perde totalmente. O mapa não tem uma interconexão tão interessante quanto em Super Metroid, justamente pela linearidade, além da ambientação manter um padrão, mas varia seus biomas e criaturas, impedindo-a de ficar repetitiva, não é tão Metroidvania, mas mantém a filosofia de design de um.
O gameplay melhorou alguns aspectos e piorou outros, como por exemplo, não ter o botão de correr torna mais complicado dar o dash para quebrar paredes, já do lado positivo, apertar um botão para poder usar os mísseis é muito melhor que abrir um menu toda vez que precisar trocar de arma, além de todas as habilidades do buster serem substituídas assim que você as pega, de resto, mantém todas as habilidades já conhecidas, além disso, as sessões de plataforma são bem melhores.
Tecnicamente é complicado, sem dúvidas tem um gráfico lindo, mas peca na ambientação e em criar atmosfera, principalmente por conta da OST fraquíssima e esquecível, mas isso é inevitável por conta das limitações do chip do GBA, realmente uma pena que o Sound Design tenha sido prejudicado.
A narrativa foi o que mais mudou em relação a outros jogos da franquia, em Fusion, tem um foco maior no que a Samus pensa de sua missão e na sua caracterização. É o primeiro Metroid que arrisca ter algum plot com mais texto e felizmente, acerta, fiquei feliz em como tudo foi feito.
Metroid Fusion é um Metroid diferente, mas mantém a qualidade que a franquia tem, jogo muito bom.