Bayonetta Origins is an incredibly unique game and this alone is a reason for this title to be celebrated. Its ideas aren't often seen in other games, and it explores gameplay ideas that are very satisfying to pull off. The visuals are amazing, the storybook aesthetic is charming and cute, I love the fact that we have a narrator. The relationship between Cereza and Cheshire has an interesting development, and the story pleased me as a whole. I love how I can't exactly fit the game into one specfic genre, metroidvania? Maybe, but it is also divided into chapters. Controlling both characters can feel weird at first but I tought I got better after some hours playing. The combat is fun and refreshing, exploration is rewarding as new skills are tied to it. Most of the Tír na nÓg, think of it as like Breath of the Wild's shrines but in this game, have really fun mechanics but I wish there were more of them that wasn't just another combat encounter. I also wish Cereza had some sort of attack other than binding enemies, but I guess this will be in Bayonetta Origins 2. And I must complain about the map, its very confusing and it's not helpful at all, the areas are too vertical and very confusing to navigate, I wish the map showed magic upgrades too. But all in all, as a huge Bayonetta fan I loved Origins, and I want more games like this!

Reviewed on May 14, 2023