this game sucks absolute ass it is one of the worst games i've ever played and i love it with my entire being

this is the most nostalgia-blinded review ever and yet i still cant find myself caring. this game is the shit

this rating is 1000% nostalgia and i simply do not care this game is goated

Fantastic game! Bowser's Minions is pretty boring repetitive, but I loved the characters enough to see it through. The main game is pretty spectacular, I'm a HUGE sucker for this series.

i have a personal vendetta against diddy kong being priced at $40

This one's fun, but gets bland fast.

I had a good time with this one, but it wasn't exactly groundbreaking. I love the dice system, but it also has pretty bad drawbacks, and you find yourself choosing characters with better dice rather than your favorites in an effort to win, which I'm against. Though, you can never go wrong with Mario Party if you play with the right people.

Honestly it's alright. People's view on this subseries is kinda clouded by how repetitive the games are but they're not bad, just bland.