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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance


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Ghosts 'n Goblins

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My first Mana game ended up being a lot more fun than I expected. The gameplay was so much fun, luckily hard mode wasn't extremely annoying like most are. My party consisted of Kevin, Riesz, and Hawkeye. At first, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy playing them but as they got more and more abilities and stat upgrades they become more fun. Though I did use Kevin the most.
The story isn't really much to write home about, so I won't bother. But I definitely enjoyed Kevin's side for than the others. Probably because I get to see more of the deep turmoil with him, his father, and Goremand. Kinda wish they allowed you to do the same with your party members but I guess they have to be my MC for that to be possible. But I just felt so blue balled after seeing Riesz's and Hawkeye's dialogue with Belladonna just for it to end on a nothing note.
The OST is great but isn't one I'd listen to a bunch. The voice acting is awful, straight up. I still found the dialogue to be endearing but not as enjoyable to listen to like Kingdom Hearts or Star Ocean. The lock on system is also trash like geez it's bad, honestly better to never use it.
Either way, I'm all on for the Mana series. I'll most likely play the first one next to see how the series was originally.

Actually incredible game. Like goddamn, man what an experience. The gameplay and OST absolutely beautiful. Seriously this OST gives me life, it's so damn good. The glow up from DonPachi to this has to be studied. Now this is a game I'd replay constantly if I had an actual arcade.
But there's one problem....and that's the second half of the game. Which you can only get to if you not lose a single life not use a bomb, and score of 120 million points. Then I have to beat Ura Loop which has more red bullets and blue suicide bullets. And finally I have to beat the True Final Boss without dying once.
This is my SECOND SHUMP EVER...I literally can't do this. I'm still bad at this genre. Though I will say I was dodging a lot better in this game than in DonPachi. No clue if that was because it was "easier" or because the gears in my head are starting to turn with this genre. But it sucks that I can't see the second half of the game nor fight the True Final Boss unless I beat those conditions. Obviously I want to do it at some point. Unfortunately not now but hopefully and eventually later!

This is my first SHUMP game and yeah.....I get it now. I understand, I comprehend, I see, I follow....
I...can keep going on but yeah this was so much fun even though I died a lot. It's really hard, no clue how one could go through this deathless seriously. There's way too many bullets on the screen at one time, the game literally had a few slowdowns because of it and they're so fast. I encountered many situations were I could not dodge so I just died. My heart goes out to the poor souls who had to spend a billion dollar just to beat 10 levels.
Music is ok, you aren't really paying much attention to it. Since the shooting sfx is so loud, it's basically just background noise. I mostly used the blue ship/jet was blue and I like blue...yea. I accidently choose the green one once and I didn't really like it but I was so used to the blue one by that point so that could be one reason.
Regardless, I'm excited to go through this series and see how it grows and adapts through each proceeding entry.