That gum you like is going to come back in style...

Another Season just like the others. This 'pack-in' season is more compelling that the previous ones. Battlegrounds are solid, exotic mission is actually good.
Story might be a bit half baked, but we'll see.

Although Bungie may have engaged in some false advertising, the final product is still of high quality. In comparison to other expansions, it ranks in the top three. The Legendary difficulty level is excellent, and I find Strand to be enjoyable, particularly due to the open-world activities and post-campaign missions. The main story may not be as compelling as The Empire Strikes Back, but this years seasonal stories promise to be darker and provide an introduction to the end of the world.
Furthermore, the raid has not released yet, and I remain optimistic about it. Additionally, the quality of life improvements are all well done, even though I would appreciate more engaging armor mods. Overall, I am very positive about this expansion.

3 Battlegrounds, Exotic Mission and a compelling story. The season of Destiny 2 is slightly above other seasons, but the model seems to get a bit stale.
This being my first full year of seasons, I did fell off two seasons ago, but I'm happy I returned for this one.

What if XCOM met Persona and it was set in the Marvel universe? Runs well on Steam Deck now.

Like most party packs, there are 2 good games, 2 okay games and 1 bad game. But honestly this game is the goat party game.

With DMC being (imo) impenetrable and Bayonetta stuck on Nintendo hardware, Microsoft found a genre that I was missing for a while. This game isn't that hard and the combination of the music timing actually makes it more approachable.
Feeling a real DmC reboot vibe, which is very much a positive for me.

I first played Persona 3 over 10 years ago, on a emulator that ran like crap. Now for the first time the game is playable on modern systems, and I finally finished it!
Having touched the newer Persona games this felt like a barebones version of the concept, but in a way it's a more elegant one. The story is there, but takes a lot longer to unfold. The social links are of course the most important, but the combat isn't that bad either. Sure Tartarus gets a big stale after some time.
The remaster isn't flawless, having bad uppressing, no cutscenes and no 3d world (even though I wouldn't sacrifice the female protagonist for those).
So isn't it some flawless gem everyone should play? Probably not, but I loved it.

The feeling when you know this probably is the best game ever made, it's too inaccessible to be enjoyed...

Probably my favorite RPG I've played. A great combat system and good quality of life additions. The game is paced impeccability, preventing any grinding or random encounters, but making side quests available if you want to try them. While the story might be a bit tropey, it's characters did actually touch me.
The mech combat is a bit barebones and gets tiresome in the endgame and the crafting is a bit too tedious for my liking.
Overall however I had a great time and I loved the modernised turn based combat here. The art is amazing just like the soundtrack and pace.
It's a lean, modern RPG masterpiece.

The quintessential seventh gen game. A combat system that everyone copied, alternating combat, stealth and exploration. Somehow still the greatest superhero videogame.
City brought a more modern open design, but this fell flat in comparison to this game.
Story with mutant Joker was a bit silly though.

An unique platforming roguelike from back in the day. Originally from the indie scene out of TIGsource. This game was an perfected game of a roguelike. Without any unlocks or other gimmicks of current roguelikes. It was you against the elements, any misstep could be your death.
Even though this is a hardcore game, you have only yourself to blame if you die (and maybe RNG, ok you have to be a bit lucky).
The XBLA version gave the game a nice artstyle, soundtrack and refined design. The multiplayer is nothing to write about, but the overall packacge was worth the price (10? 15?). Great podcast game as well.

One of those games that screams AAA, only made possible by a few games, like the Sony's PlayStation Studio games. With a graphical style that is fully top notch.
Only in a couple gameplay specific aspects this game falls short. And it isn't quite as original as the Dead Space games were.