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Ended up abandoning this game because I just couldn't take the constant homophobia aimed at Kanji and pervasive misogyny. No shade at anyone who loves this game, but I do wish those who loved it and reviewed it with such enthusiasm talked about these problems, cause as a queer gamer whose experienced so much homophobia personally...it was too painful to keep playing.

the game's writing aged poorly. naoto needs to get out of this transphobic game bc its really awful. not only that, but went full on backwards on kanji and yukiko's arc. extremely mid

I have the indescribable urge to take Ryuki and put him somewhere else

This review contains spoilers

look okay i enjoyed the first aitsf, it wasn't a perfect game and it certainly had LOTS of problems but i had fun playing it and i found both the mystery and the twist pretty solid and cool!
i think it works good as a standalone game, and that's why when the sequel was announced i was really skeptical about it. BUT! mizuki was one of my fav characters in aitsf so the idea of exploring her more as protagonist made me at least a bit curious
i already had low expectations about this game and it was even WAY WORSE THAN I EXPECTED
- i absolutely HATE how much this game ignores its prequel, i don't understand at all why uchikoshi wanted this to be playable by people who never touched aitsf, what's the point of a direct sequel if it completely resets and ignores all of the characters' development of its predecessor.................. do a separated spin off then............. (i'm so mad about how much the whole mizuki+date family relationship is non-existent)
- the crime mystery in itself and villain were both so weak, because this game is so fixated on doing this narration 4th-wall-breaking-plot-twist that was SO USELESS and exists just for the sake of "haha lol gotcha" and pointlessly confusing the player. and lots of the stuff related to it does barely make sense (like mizuki and bibi both having the EXACT SAME OUTFIT AND HAIRCUT at 18y/o??? what the fuck)
- the mizuki side was really boring to follow, both her and aiba were so so much more flat as characters they did them so dirty................... (also bibi literally has no personality besides being. idk mizuki's protector or whatever)
- i was actually surprised by ryuki, i enjoyed him as a character and protagonist :) and his side was a bit more ok. too bad everyone treats him like shit and he gets put by side thorough all the game ending 🥴 (i also can't stand tama's 3247778542 sex jokes it's even worse than date in aitsf)
- THE WHOLE LONG ASS BIG ACTION CUTSCENE AT THE ENDING WAS AWFUL that was just. way WAY too much anime cliches and bullshit (it does get a point tho for having kizuna with a machine gun. that shit had me in TEARS)
- this game is so full of characters' relationship that are supposed to be crucial but NEVER get explored or if they do it's. bad and superficial (like. shoma saying he cares soooo much about amame his dear sister but before that THEY NEVER TALK) again because. this game is so fixated on the useless plot twist
- kizuna and lien are so fucking cringe i hate so much how him being so obsessed with her especially at the beginning is so romanticized
- if i hear any more cult "tHiS WorLD iS fAkE" bullshit istfg
i haven't been this disappointed in a sequel in years, i genuinely don't undertand how it gets 4/5 stars
i'm at least glad i watched a gameplay and didn't buy it

Remember when The Dog was popular and we used to get the little McDonalds plushies and it was just really cute and fun at all times?
Anyway this game wasn't cute. It was devastating. It taught me how to feel emotions and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think it should be mandatory to play this game because what the actual fuck were the devs going through when they wrote the plotline?
This game gave me several mental illnesses.
3.5/5 because the combat system was ass.

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