I hate this game.
I had the luck to play with my friends because if I was alone, I would have dropped this before long. ( I was determined to find out what this fantomatic motive was, but It's not worth it AT. ALL.)
I wanted to laugh at the stupid choices the characters and the OBVIOUS VILLAIN with others, and enjoy this together.
Honestly that was a bad idea, because if there was a good joke, a good character moment, there were other 100 that were AWFUL.
It's frustrating the fact that the characters don't grow, they have this part were they make you think "wow, here they go, chara develop" and then they go back with the excuse "I'm made this way, I can't change that" well, fuck you all!!!
I think the only dangerous fog was on the brain of the writers when they finished the script and they were proud of the shit they made, I hope they regret it.

Reviewed on Jan 19, 2023

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