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LunaEndlessWitch commented on ponett's review of Super Lesbian Animal RPG
You made something truly amazing. I hope for an ever wonderful future with your next projects and aspirations.

2 days ago

LunaEndlessWitch finished Super Lesbian Animal RPG
I started playing this about a week after going to Furry Weekend Atlanta, a convention where I basically fell into a, for lack of a better word, star-crossed love of my life. We've been sappy fucks up to and including today, and I decided to stream this in front of her as our relationship continued to develop together.

It makes every line, emotion, and bounding heartfelt aura of this work speak so loud, to an almost deafening level. I feel Seen in too many respects to name. Melody's self-confidence, difficulty with communicating, trying to be HONEST but not wanting to HURT. Relationships built barely against fears and anxieties, colorful weavings of trying to be earnest and sincere while what feels like world-threatening issues rain on you. Each one of the main cast's troubles holds my talon and makes me stare at what I have worked on, what I need to continue working on, what I should be working on.

It's special. It fucks me up how much of this is a game I wanted to make. I had a whole ~Witch Coven~ story between a cast of stupidly sapphic lovers that I've yet to really make see the heart of day outside a silly AO3 prologue I wrote while frustrated with myself. This work is everything I could've ever wanted to yell out.

It's comforting to have a work that knows exactly what you want. That knows exactly what it is that makes life special in a way you do. SLARPG gives me power and reaffirmation of the happiness I've been through and continue to discover.

I love my girlfriend!! She's fucking amazing!! I love her so much ;-; I can't wait to see the rest of our future together!!! Here's to another adventure!!!

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