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Even though I'm not too confident, I like discussing things in a hopefully open-minded manner so feel free.
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No JJ= 0/10 already, but the game itself is also terrible

Sad to say that this game...doesn't do too much for me? Like it's solid fun & I especially love how Jill was translated into this game, but due to its nature of just being asset dump I just don't care that much for the roster, nor do I find the combat to have the charming insanity of three.
Even the stages & OST aren't too charming compared to individual characters having their own osts or having stages from parts of both parties history-if playstation allstars did one thing amazingly, it was the stages.
Oh well: I'm glad for the community but if I want to be taken for a ride, umvc3 is right there.

Erotic done right with simple but effective story of two gfs saving eachother.
A perfect blend of expression & challenge that I still pick up now & then to reck some Angels stylishly whilst having to consider the steps that I take constantly, using weapon synergies that thoroughly interest me in changing the way I play thanks to the dual weapon system.
The Jeanne fights are honestly my favourite rival boss' in the medium (amplified by how much I love the song "red & black").
Almost makes you forget that 2/3 of mission 14 give you motion sickness...almost...