Playing again in wait for season 2 of the show-grabbing my popcorn as I await the chaos to ignite in the fandom-and I'm just accepting that: yep, this is now probably my favourite game ever atleast from a writing perspective.
I've seen some great, impactful storytelling in this medium, but this one just hits home too much, provides too much brimming hope amidst its tribalistic setting, showcases how we're all human even in our darkest hours so wonderfully with a story structure that breaks the mold from this gen of games too afraid to commit to being actual games.
Even smaller details like random enemy npcs being name-dropped gives a sense that therre's much more beneath the surface.
I just relate too much to Ellies (and even Abbies) plight, slowly rekindling her relationship with a loved one in spite of the wrongs they commited.

Reviewed on Mar 19, 2023