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Always played with my dad, loved it

This was the perfect Dynasty Warriors game, setting a new standard for the series. During my teenage years, I dedicated countless hours to unlocking every single level 11 weapon for every character. Even now, I regard it as one of the most addictive games I've ever played.

For me this is the best entry on the franchise because of the music.
I also want to give a shout out to Lu Bu. One of the most frightening characters in any game. Every time he showed up, they nailed the atmosphere on how great he was as a warrior not only because how much he will kick your ass, but also, because of everyone's reactions and how he will morph each scenario in which he was in. His story is also tragic if you think about it which makes it even better.
This is the only franchise in which I don't care about repeating the same missions game after game because of how special they are. I just wished the developers would put the effort in modernizing the mechanics of the game(not what Dynasty Warriors 9 did) but it is what it is.

Would happily get killed by Lu Bu again. Great game, such good fun to just slash down enemies - excellent local co-op mode too.

I so want to like this game. I consider picking it back up all the time. My soul aches at my reluctance to give it another chance. But I have to remind myself how horrible the controls feel and how poor the platforming feels. Am I the only one? I've heard other people praise it. I forced myself through several worlds, hoping that it would eventually click, but it never did. This game feels like an abusive relationship that I kept coming back to, but no more.

Tekken 3 is undoubtedly one of the best games on the PlayStation 1, and it remains my favorite fighting game to this day. It holds a special place in gaming history and will always be remembered as a timeless classic.

The memories I hold of playing this game with my Dad on the playstation my Mom got him for an anniversary gift are forever cherished and will always stick with me. Love you, Dad.

Absolute kino. I will probably never be touched by a real woman in my life ever again, but my waifu is finally real

So fucking good, the last good Pokémon Game as of 2023

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