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I’ll never experience a work like this ever again. The absolute best use of the medium I’ve seen, an enormous achievement for the entire medium. Utterly floored.

Peak videogame. go into it as blind as possible.

the spirit of adventure and discovery distilled into a concentrated and sublime masterpiece.

I first played this game when I was 7, then played again to completion at 17, and I’ve just finished my third run at 27… hope I’m alive and well for my fourth!
This game is incredibly frustrating and I love it so much for it. The twist in design where nothing kills you but instead annoys you to death baffled me when I first laid my hands on it as a child, and still does. Upon hit, very enemy gives Wario an unavoidable transformation that can be infuriating or used to his advantage. The design plays around this, laying in every level 4 treasures behind smart puzzles and challenges which the player must keep coming back for, using every resource as he gets power ups and unlocks secret paths.
On top of that, the charm and colorful vibe impregnated in every level and enemy, tied to Wario’s classical “comical mischief” personality and characterization makes me enjoy going through every level.
Even if the segmentation may be a bit overkill, the thrill of checking with excitement every new treasure to see if its a power up or some new path inside a previous level keeps me hooked every time I play it.

Full review here. I was surprised to see it released on NSO, and I binged it the day after the direct. It's still as good as ever: the "nothing-kills-you" gimmick, as well as its inventive implementation of metroidvania, makes it one of the most unique platformers you'll find out there.
Just use the Rewind function liberally, alright? For your own sanity.

Kinda wild how even subscription mobile games are like this. All the effort in the world to make you spend more time on device.

Of course it's got solid platforming, but the level design, the slightly lower variety of levels, and the frustrating menu-death system (why in 2019 would I have to go back to an even earlier level that I might have barely passed if I get stuck and die too much in a certain part of the current level?) make me not love this one. Don't remember any music either. The platforming has a fine base here, but it needs something extra to make it interesting. I guess that's where 3D World came in.

I was a Miike fan long before I was a Suda fan.
I feel like Grasshopper Manufacture understands me, y'know? In No More Heroes 3, they capture the essence of what formulated my taste in media. Right off the bat, before anything else happens, we have Travis reminiscing about a janky, ugly video game no one but him seems to remember; when he revisits it, hoping to finally see the incredible ending he was promised as a child, he discovers that it was all a lie. But you get to play the game too, and it's clear that a lot of effort was put into making it as accurate to the "good" old days as possible. The execution of this whole Deathman saga feels like an earnest love-letter to the kind of garbage I grew up thinking was gold, and that's exactly what NMH3 is to its very core: earnest. This is Suda51's most sincere work to date, a genuine attempt at making the kind of open-world game GHM was lampooning in the original No More Heroes, with their most polished and mechanically satisfying combat so far. When it isn't getting bogged down by frequent load screens and occasional dips into typical open-world checklist design, it's a true joy to play. The fact that they could get action this smooth out of Unreal Engine 4 on the Switch is a testament to the oft-overlooked skill of the development team.
NMH3's sense of humor is tonally very different from the previous games, simultaneously showing more restraint while also being even more over the top. What I mean is, everything about it feels natural despite being more audacious than ever. The script is some of Suda's best work, as what it lacks in the depth and thematic resonance of previous Kill The Past titles, it makes up for with strong character writing and dialogue. This is definitely one of the funniest, most charming games ever made, balancing just the right amounts of absurdism and self-indulgence to create some absolutely wonderful surreal comedy. The highlight for me was always seeing Travis and Bishop discuss the quality of Takashi Miike's filmography and directorial techniques, which felt like an exaggerated take on the way I love to ramble on about my favorite films and games with friends. Seeing these characters sing the praises of the most major works that got me into Japanese cinema - Gozu, Audition, and Ichi The Killer - makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. And while this aspect of the story is certainly among the most self-indulgent things ever penned for a video game, it doesn't feel forced or like Suda is trying to make a cheap comparison with his own work; it's just a guy writing earnestly about how much he loves his favorite director. We need more stuff like this.
The opening and closing hours of No More Heroes 3 are some of the wildest in any video game, delivering a sensory overload that can only be described as "fucking raw." The soundtrack might be the best in the series, if not Grasshopper's entire oeuvre. The whole production bleeds style to the point where it may actually become substance. There is so, so much I adore about this game that I'm already starting to forget how the swirl of constant load screens and general open-world nonsense threatened to ruin my good time at every turn. These issues created a particularly frustrating amount of tedium, necessitating shorter play sessions than I'd hoped, and for once I don't think it was intentional. That said, everything else about NMH3 resonated with me on an almost instinctual level, and I hope you'll be able to find something just as special in it as I did.

gameplay: 10 ME PUTO ENCANTA
musica: 10 pero mucha reusada del 1
artstyle: 10 igual que el 1
historia: 0 de lo peor que he visto en mi vida
duracion: 70% del juego no deberia existir
conclusion: es el mejor gameplay de un jrpg que he jugado nunca junto con kh2 pero la duracion y la historia se cargan el juego entero

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