Its hard to say this when its inspirations are such important and influential games, but honestly, I think Dusk is one of those rare cases where it improves and surpasses some of its FPS inspirations.
Aside from minor issues such as pitfalls in one or two stages (I think its very unfair in FPS' when you're supposed to look around and move in directions you're not looking directly, to put a hole in the ground where you're obviously not looking), navigation in dark environments without the flashlight and a disapointing grenade laucher/mortar weapon, I dont think I had many issues that impact significantly the experience.
The Switch version is very good. I know the game was designed with mouse and keyboards in mind, but the analog controls with gyro (and I think a little bit of aim assist) are very enjoyable. I only had issues with the first part of the final boss in terms of controls.

Reviewed on Mar 01, 2023