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The best superhero video game ever for me. Batman Arkham series come after this game for me.

The strongest in the gameplay department, but equally the weakest when it comes to narrative. To be fair they were never going to top Handsome Jack.

This game was previously a 4/5 for me and I looked forward to playing it everyday. But then the New York Times got their grubby little mitts on it. And you know what they fucking did? They got rid of swear words. Yep. Thats right. Now my daily tradition of using whore first and always has been shattered. What's even the point of playing anymore? This is everything thats wrong with capitalism. Big company buy little nice wholesome thing and ruin it and litter it with data trackers to spy on you and advertise you more of Gwenyth Paltrows goop. This is why I am now an anti-economist and will no longer be participating in the world with currency. The New York Times will NOT censor me. LADIES, NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY TOOK FROM YOU

One day 'Penis' will be the answer and I will get a 1/6 so I can set the game to mastered

It's like Undertale but it didn't ruin every indie RPG for the past 6 years.

Mark my words. One day the infamy this game has created will cause a sequel to be greenlit.

If someone asks you to play this with you, just run.

You know an adventure game is gonna be CRAZY good when the villain looks both gay and homophobic.

This review contains spoilers

Thats me rolling da blunt 💯 💯.

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