This game's art is SO GOOD.
I love the concept and story so much, and the spookiness with the cute art style is perfect! The animations are adorable and I actually got scared a lot!
Everything about the game is great.
Except playing it.
This game's puzzles are boring, tedious, and straight up not fun. The gameplay consists of walking forward and sometimes pressing A. Oh? You don't want to get the bad ending? Well you better play the game perfectly and find every single mundane secret that isn't obvious! Or else the game brings you back to the beginning...and you have to do it again.
Seriously feels like they overlooked how tedious this gameplay is. I hope these developers try something new because the art and animation are spectacular. But good lord I have no desire to get the other endings. Sorry :/
Posted January 2, 2022. (Steam Review)

Reviewed on Jan 25, 2023