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Mega Man X2

Aug 09

Mega Man X
Mega Man X

Aug 08

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I just can't get far with the controls unfortunately :(
Would have broken the music video but being able to pause and switch weapons would have made things a lot easier. It's sad that this game is about to become lost media at the end of the month tho :(

Not much to say that I didn't already do in my X1 review. The optional Zero parts side quest was a neat addition! Overall good and probably on par with the first game.

Such a breath air after playing so many of the classic games. Can really see where MM7 got a lot of the aspects I liked and I can see why people consider this the true successor to the NES games, familiar but also reinvents the gameplay from the SNES. The equipment collectables makes it feel like you're leveling up as you progress through the game. I also really like Sub Tanks being the substitute for the normal E-Tanks. Being able to climb walls is also a neat new ability that sets this apart from the classic series. Overall a really solid experience and excited to see how the sequels build off it.