MalditoMur, página de backloggd. Backloggd page, I pretended to write on spanish but hey, guess what, nobody gives a shit.
Mi usuario anterior:
Lo mismo, tengo un canalcito de YouTube donde hago video ensayos:
También trato de jugar todos los juegos de Playstation 2, y sé que no va a resultar.
Los sistemas son objetivos; la crítica es subjetiva.
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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
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i understand valkyrie profile's value completely. instead of thriving with a linear direct storyline it feels more like a compendium of different myths and legends grasped into one adventure; utilizing such a polarizing figure like Lenneth and her blunt neutralized personality actually serves a purpose rather than just being point blank for the sake of roleplay. its not really valhalla's story but eidhajar's. while those very same contained snippets of human life can be variable in emotional intensity, making you feel either nothing but a tingling sense of anime hopelessness or geniune sorrow (yumei's arch hits HARD), it always has some element to cry about. be it family bond, proudness, remembrance of lost ones, traditional values shattered by circumstance and quite sad love stories. however that same overbearing, non hand holding premise of the narrative makes the actual arpg experience -while satisfactory on its fighting game-like qualities- quite inconsistent. i was sold a very hard game and what i got was a bit of a methodical examine through statistics and all, and the game can be broken very easily -guts + first aid is just bonkers autoheal. commonly i dont have a problem with that but it also means the actual world building gets very loose and it was incapable to grip me for more than an hour a session after the initial dopamine rush. it became quite samey and just a race to see the next story even, the fights and little puzzles becoming more of a chore to deal with. just be sure to always have holy/fire crystals to deal with those pesky one-off enemies like the zombie dragons. it's a big game with a big purpose but it also clearly established to me that i appreciate progression as a drop-by-drop ratio and not a "grasp the rules, exploit the system" kinda deal, because after a while most RPGs seem to become to me a bit of a mechanic mush to spend time on.
anyway, it also may be that im kinda done with videogames in my life right now, discovered that i prefer to have a pragmatical accordancy to enjoy things (give them a goal and purpose) rather than mere expense of a decision. my best gamur days were trying ps2 games on the go; i dont like them, i just continue with the list.
and that connects with the following point; it becomes loose ground because i also accepted that, sometimes, you just dont want to complete some games. you want to try new stuff both videogame and your life. im an anxious, very fasting person when enjoying media, and i really really enjoy the process but not necessarily to give those things a terminus. to accept you are just done. and for common episteme around videogame criticism, that's a big nono. you HAVE to complete the games you start. i dont talk about this from a place of procastination or an overwhelming backlog, ive been like this my whole life, to live the moment and dont worry to end things if i dont want to, but for a gooood while i ate the idea that it was a "bad" thing to make a phisolophy. fuck that, not anymore. life is too short for commitment for little -
but i dont give a shit anymore. i kinda grew out of hardcore vidya critique and making long form content and making these assumptions about what enthralls my existence while pushing buttons looking at a screen. im kinda done with that. im burned of writing and being petty at the world, ive been making my own life miserable because i hate the world and the system while making me stay away from things i actually love doing. not spending money, doing them.
; im a lot more into card games right now -and videogame renditions of those- even tho companies SUCK around them but i can punch them harder if i pirate the shit out of them, duel masters is fucking AWESOME you should try it someday. DUEMA PLAYS is trash gacha but one of the more permissive ones ive seen giving you like 150+ booster packs of new division -which is HUGE- and, well, the game IS awesome as long as you dont put money and evade the obvious practices made. they want to exploit you like any other mobile shit but also they kinda want you to have actual fun and being able to make decks without too much hassle? its very weird.
i dont even want to make long ass video essays, i want to get into other ways of expression and embrace social media as a tool, not as an enemy. shorts and tiktok containing short review but with my heart and style of albums and videogames, maybe start streaming again for the sake of doing so, try some DUEMA PLAYS on that and maybe exploit the spanish duel masters niche (theres like... one youtuber and the community is growing), create board and card games and cards for games i like, hanging with my boyfriend, working, waiting in line when my own radio station begins (in two months!)... a lot is going on in my life and my mental state and common videogames are getting more and more in the back row.
but.. are they? idk. i really dont know, but just saying to myself "be happy, fuck holding on things because you """"have"""" to" makes me think im good. im for real, for a first time, good. im just going to do what i want. it may be related to videogames, it may be not. i mean, how many people you know that get out of college and inmediately are gonna build a rock/metal radio station as part of a digitalization project? sometimes im really fucking cool being the way i choose to be. maybe i'll lost respect from some people on the way. but i choose. i want to be happy, the world is too FUCKING miserable to get lost on it.
in short im okay with letting valkyrie profile unfinished.

A year or so ago, on the defunct version of my YouTube channel, I made a video ranking Playstation 2 launch titles; a crude attempt to find another format that would diversify my content, but which ultimately turned out to be vacuous and unappreciative of the experiences I played. What made me realize that is, back in the day, I crapped on Evergrace. I hated it like it was my kryptonite, a personal thorn, a huge disappointment in the face of expectations that it failed to deliver. Pretty much eating spooned shit. But I can't be blamed for that, I mean, who would be so ridiculous to believe that Evergrace is a good game, even with revisiting it some time later. Deciphering it, then, was quite a challenge in itself, but something that strangely stuck in my mind for a long time. Until I accepted, in a personal process that still hasn't ended, that sometimes you just have to believe in your gut.
And believing in your stomach, in the scream and horror of your improvisation, is a tricky thing to accept when you are 26 years old; everything tells you that you should have a plan of action. Such an antiquity and ideal is the one that entails Evergrace very personally, since its development. Seeking to be this experiment graced and sweetened by the new technology being discovered, promptly leaping even further in ambition towards the PlayStation 2: the new millennium's house brand on the front.
There are no accusations to make that you haven't heard, only complements to this lack of polish and futuristic outlook at the time, consumed by hunger of delivering three different games in the same year: sometimes the enemies we must kill to open doors take a thousand years to spawn, sometimes they drop items we can not take as they fall out of bounds, some scenarios are made and undone to simply get on your nerves and want to smash your soul. That it's slow. That it's boring. That it's frustrating. That it's confusing. That the soundtrack is bathshit crazy. That it's not a good game.
Does it really answer all the questions that may arise from Rieubane's universe? No. I don't think it even wants to. But it's an anti-metric attitude that takes precedence over common understandings of a story, which I think is a tale more than evocative of many ideas, even if lost in its incessant amount of undetailed detail - an oxymoron that really does Evergrace justice. And it doesn't sit well with everyone. Just exploring the brutalist platforms of Shadow Tower and getting the Moonlight Sword along with Armored Core armor demonstrates unclear intentions of From beyond a generalist message. It's always a treasure to have the Moonlight Sword in our hands, but even from a mechanical standpoint it takes precedence over the rules of this disinterested universe. Why does the most characteristic weapon of its creators have the ability to heal some enemy types? It doesn't cut fate with its light blade, as it would in other installments, it's just another tool in the strange lost empire. The ending, so sober and nihilistic, but at the same time with memorability, is in itself an enigma. Even in the original software we can see it's a low quality video rip, an aesthetic blow that again I think was accidental, but that closes as flourish for a videogame that... I'm sorry nobody will play.
And how can I blame them for that? It sucks. It's supposed to suck.
Evergrace is... a piece of shit. And I love it.
Time ago, someone told me a simple but powerful sentence, and I'm making it even more succinct, but it went something like this... "It's very easy to be a fan of things that everyone loves."
...Who loves Evergrace?

-- Extracts from my spanish Evergrace video. Hi! I'm an URL!

Fw. IDEAS PITCH 01-02-2022 20:30
By: MalditoMur

Fw. Pentiments 12-10-2022 03:36
By: MalditoMur
I'm scared of Backloggd.
True that. No reason to embellish the factual. I'm scared of it as I was scared of my old Backloggd account for getting bigger but staler, as much as I feared my Facebook profile and obliterated in utter shock. I have to rethreat to Instagram thanks to my community management job and YouTube/Twitch are their own hell manifesto. This thing called acceptance... smells like a poison flower. So addictive...
...But why?
Who knows. It's some silly shit.
I have some great news for you by tomorrow by the way. I know you don't like to hear me ramble about the same stuff everyday.
Nah I'm gonna tell you know, they sent me a mail with something like "today you're invited to fulfill your new position as a vigilante" and stuff. Hell freaking yeah, ladies and germs, MalditoMur long gone Mur96 was chosen between myriads of nonlivers, frustrated losers and NEETs to be part of Backloggd's modclub. Things are getting squandragoniterous around here, supercallifragilistical bullshit happening around some trans drama and stuff. You know, those bastards giving 1-star to anything remotely mentioning controversy, remember I told you? You probably don't. Doesn't matter tho.
Time to show them who's boss I guess.
Please respond to this one. Sometimes you answer like two weeks later. It's not very healthy you know.
See ya

Fw. InstaMailBox Thread 2323 11-14-2020 11:33
By: MalditoMur
Yeah i havent got too much sleep last days but anyway. Its weird to still be writing on old mail when we could be using the new virtua forums and stuff, i cant afford the bundle yet tho. i guess you neither? lmao so, i can tell you abit about the Maker Palace thing that happened days ago.
its kinda hard tho so bear with me. so ive been the admin for Makerpalace since like a year ago, i arrived as soon as the page was already dying. if some of u dont know MakerPalace is this spanish old forum where we shared scripts, sprites and ideas for the programs. people mainly used xp and vx/vx ace, but as mv came out the site was long dead. so i never did shit with the Rpg maker thing (i tried my best to materialize something!) but i did some spriting. my main "gift" i guess? was doing some community collaborations and stuff, like making a guitar hero setlist together and drawings and a fanzine, we did a whole community roleplay and shit. i got people inside the forum but not necesarily to make rpg games. so it all went dandy but relationships started to get bitter as i got more well known and people started to seriously relate with me. i had some internet crushes and all of them ended rough and bitter and the forum started dying.
so i went mad some days ago and i shut the whole site off. i mean no one should notice it, no one really visited the forum anymore, like 3 people. but people did notice. i forgot about the whole thing until a week later and word spread through other communities, like HUNTER MAKER or Mundo Maker, a good bunch. people HATED me for shutting down maker palace and spread some supposedly awful stuff about me, that i was being edgy and stubborn and had no balls. i returned the site online but the damage was done and makerpalace DEFINITELY died some days ago.
that's the gist of it. i dont know if i wanna give more details but you guys may be interested by the whole drama surrounding the page.
yeah i know its silly shit but idk. getting breakfast rn, read you later.

Fw. Pentiments 12-12-2022 01:32
By: MalditoMur
Long time no reading you bro
Seriously whats up I haven't know anything about you for a good while. I guess I can tell you how's the whole virtuaforums thing going on.
There's some cool shit you can do with this device. It saves everything I see in textdumps so I can almost literally search within my mind and post anything here! It saves everything I see in textdumps so I can almost literally search within my mind and post anything here! See? I did it right now its fucking awesome.
Backloggd in virtuaforums, not so much though.
See I think Im doing something wrong. You know the drill, I moderate comments and delete those who the code deems impossible to hold in and I have to get discussions with people I've never knew to get them out of the virtua servers. You feel powerful and shit although flagging is mostly what you do, but cant lie to you there's some serious serotonin when getting an asshole out.
But.. you know, for being something so glittering on people's opinions about stuff, it's kinda cold as a place.
Like I see chirriads of gamers and tag names here everyday passing through, most of them take a look and who everywhere else through digimetro and stuff, pretty crazy - ill get you some photos. You NEED to buy this device if you can. but there are like these big ass monoliths here, they are like users with gigantic statues among the others, the others are numerous but these ones are like special you know. I don't know if its likes accumulation but hey, I see them and they look so damn cool like Empire States upon Empire States, each with their names and apparent gender - well kinda, you know, its complicated. I can see everything they talk about and their pounding opinions and takes and all that but, i dont know, it doesnt feel like a conversation. But they DO talk between each other you know, I just feel a bit alienated. its weird, i try to talk to them but my voice becomes code before words, as if im not allowed. sometimes i think im just not worth their voice like a dictator film or that one series we watched some time ago.
there's this cool ass humanoid that calls itself kingbancho. "it’s all too likely you’ll end up losing money if you gamble poorly. why bother?" it said, i was eager to respond but if its like i never existed! no problem though, the shit said there was pretty interesting. "i still gambled a lot though. no matter the inconvenience of the supposed realism on offer, i wanted to fleece people. i wanted to stop and think about my decisions, and i wanted to withstand droughts of bad luck only to tap in when fortune was turning in my favour".
kinda bitter but see how cool is to copypaste what people told me with no mistake? great stuff
ill talk you about some of these later on, i have to get to work again. someone's spamming shit reviews somewhere.

Fw. Response 12-17-2022 16:11
By: MalditoMur
Well at least you answered now
But im still feeling a bit the same actually. the whole virtua novelty is wearing off. it's still cool to explore the myriads of game covers and the digital streets but I dont know, its weird, it feels like i don't belong here.
like, everyone is so cool. at least those big sharks on the firmament I always see, and they shout out so much interesting stuff. ive been exploring other virtual forums but this one feels kinda like home...
But i still feel weirdly out of touch.
The site has been falling down a lot recently too. See the long lasting digital cities and farming streets plundering for likes? Sometimes they dissapear or we fall in a hollow vast of nothingness. Its very strange. Some people didnt really like that and logged out. Dont blame them. Kinda scary!

Fw. Please respond 12-19-2022 01:55
By: MalditoMur
Ngl im feeling down.
Ive been passing on my work a lot. I mostly dedicate to walk the streets aimlessly. But i have done some opinions on the site, which i think is against the rules as a vigilante. I dont care though, I feel the necessity to be like these people. Yeah the likes have been going on and I feel like im growing inside, literally. like im taller inside the virtuaforums. I know you're going to get very angry because I should be doing something remarkable instead. Like doing my job or studying or putting my mind in stuff that's actually worth it. But I dont want to, but i dont want to be doing this anyway because my mind feels like its going to disintegrate in bitterness.
I dont know what the fuck is going on with me but i feel the urge to erase my account again and leave this virtuaforum thing the fuck out. But i dont know, i feel like i can make the effort and make something worthwhile for the site and the community
There were some moments were I truly felt happy, i always talk about them. being in high school, not being overweight, playing basketball, having loads of friends, playing guitar hero with everyone. those guitars man, they were trashed to no end.
I have to tell you something.
so i made this guitar hero review and it was pretty emotional, so much in fact i cant really remember it. i seriously cant. its like an euphemism at this point.
and i erased it.
for a second, million thoughts from other people entered my mind. i havent told you about how virtuaforums works. well i have did, sorry, the device. its weird. its like youre always in this constant state of both euphoria and dizziyness and everyone is talking to you at the same time, like timbre from a bell in the echoing church. those words are so significant to me, but sometimes they come at the worst situations. you know, writing here is aking to making art. ive noticed. cool am i right.
but art is also vulnerable as fuck sometimes, and ive been vulnerable for fucking years.

waiting on the familiar to dissipate. waiting on the future to disappoint. your children, your children's children, all doing their own thing while you disappear into nothing, into never ever
forever ever
& ever ever
a phrase by HEADWOUND crossing my mind like high speed trains

i miss when launch titles were so brazenly about the future instead of desperate attempts to relive the past. despite never playing it till this year, i miss Ridge Racer V. i miss PlayOnline. i miss dot hack. i miss The 25th Ward. i miss The Bouncer.
god, do i miss The Bouncer.
that one i think its woodaba, chirping voice...

I want there to not be hurt in this world.
Is that so wrong?
that one is soft. maybe detchibe

There are always hidden silences waiting behind the chair. They come out when the coast is clear. They eat everything that moves. I go shaky at the knees. Lights come out, stars come down, like a swarm of bees.
that one, i picture a cat. i think it's vehemently.
that one felt wrong to remember though. i mean, all of these.
way too personal to copypaste.
but personal feels right.
i wish i was more personal sometimes.
but im kinda scared
im not sure of what but im overwhelmed by this site
I think I'm just not enough!

Fw. Somethings going on 12-22-2022 03:01
By: MalditoMur
Days without reading us huh? Hows it all been
I'm sure I've been talking a bit too much about the work.
I mean you told me directly that shit no work but hey it kinda feels like one to me.
Getting paid I swear!!
So, there are rumours the site is going down...
That's weird isnt it?
So everyone has been talking about it. It's been quite the hecatomb, the big ones started to organize a time capsule for years to go by with thoughtful quotes for the future. You know, Backloggd is like that. Thoughts generator.
Everyone's saving a piece for history. So they started chatting, like those old images from greek universities. Listening to each other. I was pretty far from the crowd. I entered late for the discussion.
Woodaba said: Why do we like and care about video games? Because we do. Why do we find profound meaning in Kane & Lynch, in Paper Mario, in Ocarina of Time, in Persona 4 or Kingdom Hearts? Because in play, in investing in these dumb things wholeheartedly and earnestly, we create that meaning. And Taz-Mania is here - will always be here - to remind us that that deep down, no matter what else we might say, this is the truth at the heart of it. Video games are stupid, broken, vacuous, often ugly and repellant. But we love them anyway, and because we love them, they come to life.
Oh, so they were talking about Tazmania. Round of applause, that was fascinating! Even though plenty people kinda hate the game.
ConeCvltist remitted a taste of fear among words, starting quite a contrastic construction: Am I wrong to have tried to connect this piece of art to my own life experiences, or did it help enhance my enjoyment? Am I engaging with this medium correctly by writing all these words? Would I ever want this to happen to me and my own body of work?
The conversation went on...
ColdComfort: What piece of the "humanity" puzzle is it that makes us what we are, when any one piece of the puzzle is disposable or - heaven forbid, replaceable? Is it the collective sum of these pieces that makes us, even if the humanity we perceive in others can be entirely faked?
Kingbancho replied to the thundering claps with such quoting: the work we've set in motion doesn't end with our investment in these abstracted life-or-death scrambles. we break free, and we are made to live with the lessons we have slowly accumulated and grasped. "perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time".
JohnHarrelson went with a rationalized bang: If there’s one bit of wisdom that’s stuck with me, it’s seeing a few of the communities jump ship from platform to platform. It seems almost inevitable these spaces will fall prey to corporatization and greed, but at least they’re habitable for awhile- and there's always somewhere new to carve out a niche when the time comes.
"Wait that's-"
Then GoufyGoggs entered, unbeatable by circumstances, with a glimmer of light and returning to the original point, as the recording started to stride to more critically panning waters. Art is the greatest gift we have in this world. It connects us to others, the past, and the memories of those we care about. Even if someone’s gone, as long as I have something to hold up and remember them by, I think it’s going to be ok.
Everything recorded for the tests of time, people really were scared for this site to get off it seems. Nah that's just a thought.
But...what Harrelson said was a bit too exact.
I tried to say something.
I didn't.
What is this vigilante doing here? I went back to reading comments.

Fw. Somethings going on 12-30-2022 19:33
By: MalditoMur
My head hurts but i dont care
Backloggd is really closing
This vibrant. colorful city is disappearing.
One by one.
Digital buildings showing the thoughtful achievements from this small community are getting wiped out as users start to give their stock. But the big ones haven't left yet.
I tried like 3 times to log in.
The site is kinda slow now and I don't see many people.
Tomorrow is a New Year by midnight
Maybe they're preparing for it.
It's announced, 2023 is the new millenium.
And backloggd is gonna be gone.
By tomorrow, this breathing cityscape of tensions and beauty is going to be a cold liminal space of nothing and asphalt textures.

To pretend the internet was ever the mythical wild west we romanticize it as nowadays is foolish, but its undeniable that we lost something in the years following
, said to me ConeCvltist with a tranquilized look.
"What do you mean"

All roads on the Information Superhighway converged into one, right into the mouth of the corporate Abaddon
"So you're not sad? I would be pretty sad, it was outta nowhere, and JonHarrelson knew ... Cone? ConeCvltist."
Disconnected from the server.
That was the last time I saw ConeCvltist.
I quitted by the way. No point on keeping the title in the normal internet. I may think to myself if I come back tomorrow. Why should I be here, this is not my funeral.

Fw. VIRTUADUMP ARCHIVE 12-31-2022 03:15
By: VirtuaForum Assistant Bitacora ID MalditoMur
This is a forward bio text translated for the user in question. Please note you must use this service according to copyright laws and internal normatives for Backloggd VirtuaForum Vigilantes
These are the last moments Backloggd was alive.
After three tries, Backloggd seems to be still online but not for long.
As soon as I entered, I saw the results of Virtua Forums not being preserved. It's all gone. It is quite like a wasteland of nothingness with a sprinkled colored floor. Like a watered desert. However, there was a sunset. "Why bother" I thought? Is this some kind of sick joke? I didn't have too much time to gulp because there were few of the big ones there. Some of the most important Backloggd users talking for the last time through the virtual lands, with their extravagant, differential skins.
I got close, but not very. I didn't want to interfer. I was no longer a vigilante, just a mere user.
I just listened.
HEADWOUND had input on the situation. Seems like this has happened before. the feeling of coming back here is to step into the familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously. so much I remember, so much I don't. as much that's carved into my bones as that what's long gone until I careen into it head first again; a fated collision that's bound to repeat in the future, as happens when you can't see three feet in front of you
GoufyGoggs was very... Ill-determined. Much in the same way that you as a player only have a week to set Martinaise straight, we as humans are only given a few decades to try and correct the mistakes of every generation before us. Naturally, plot threads are going to go unaddressed, and problems unsolved. Nothing we can do about it.
Vehemently held on self mistakes for that statement, but was a lot more focused and down to earth with phrasing. I have, for some reason, gained a meager following on this site. I enjoy the validation, but I hate the way I leech onto it so easily. Maybe they’re not so different after all; I’ve seen my fair share of infuriating game reviews, and had the misfortune of reading Tevis Thompson’s work. It just so happens I play a lot of games, and don’t read as many books or watch as many movies, and have no inferiority complex around them. But I worry I turn myself into a cliche.
It was always such a ride to hear Vehemently. So relatable...
Kingbancho did his own though. improvement starts with oneself, dreams don't whimper into oblivion but instead manifest anew.
Detchibe unified the intentions with a caring call for the New Millenium.

2023 promises to be resplendent with possibility and potential.
Squigglydot, which also listened, looked at Goufy and Erato_Heti, which was quite silent this time, and nodded. It was time to go. They just waved their hands in a bittersweet, sensible and sorrowful movement. I awaken once more from broken sleep. The three of them evaporated in code. Disconnected from the main server.
I didn't want to cry. I just stood there, watching everything. It was closure.
ColdComfort did a salute to the lasting ones, which were Detchibe and Woodaba. We've all got to grind out paths. It won't be easy, whatever choices we make, whatever route we go down. So, we may as well take our true path.
Why is this so crucial? It's just a virtual world... they can see each other again, right?
But it affected me.
Just like when I deleted my account.

We exist at a time where unfathomable amounts of human knowledge are being erased from existence every hour of every day. This is not a deliberate book burning. This is an incidental blaze
, Detchibe said to me.
"I know... but... uuh... But I've been erasing my own past from the internet once and once again. I just can't stop. I'm... i'm... I don't know"

Save what you can.
I was eager to respond to that. But I looked into their faked digitalized eyes. Was serious about it.
And then smiled.
What a beautiful thing we are a part of.
The internet? Backloggd? The constant flow of thoughts and ideals? I don't know exactly. But I liked that quote.
Detcibe just disconnected. I think this is not the end for these modern thinkers at all.
Woodaba saw Detchibe logging off and just gave me a look of... empathy. Like when talking about old 2000s PS2 games. That strange poke of nostalgia as shivers down the neck. Like, shared motivations with a stranger, even when I fight the urge to think about it.

This is the world. How do you stand it?
It's as easy as breathing.
Woodaba logged off after those words.
I was alone.
In the server.
As an artificial sunset went down the nothing.
Did you like the idea?
Yours truly