Kinda mixed with this game. On one hand, I like how they represent Shimane, its a love letter to their culture, landscapes and history. I also adore the different endings you can get, i'll admit that the way of getting them is not very intuitive, but they are all so unique and wacky that i'm able to forgive that mistake. But on the other hand, the pacing of the story is slow and tedious and the protagonist might be the worst one I've ever seen in a V.N. He is genuinelly a bad person and throughout the story you'll see him bully some people in order to get what he wants, be extremelly agressive and even fatphobic towards others. I'd understand this type of behaviour if he was supposed to be the bad guy, but not at all, you have to believe that this indecent human being is a good person and deserves to be loved and praised.
In short, this game is decent, but it has some major problems. If you can look past them, you can find a great game, but for me it can't get more than 3 stars.

Reviewed on May 16, 2023