Ever wondered what would happen if a guy who was depressed was also an artist and loved video games?
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An exquisite psychological/survival horror game, tight in resource managment, cool puzzles and beautiful both in style and themes. It all connects beautifully and creates a hard to decipher (and sometimes overwhelmingly freeform), but emotionally rich narrative. Also it's very gay, that's always a plus.

A really cool down-to-earth insight into the more mundane side of life in a cyberpunk dystopia. What this game does well it does VERY WELL. But at its worst it can really feel like it was written by a person who just started hanging out in progressive spheres after barely leaving 4chan.

While the combat feels a bit clunky and the progression + storytelling are somewhat overwhelming, Transistor is overall fun and gorgeous in terms of visuals and music! It also contains that staple Supergiant charm.