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Might be a new record for how fast I've uninstalled a game
And yet... I still found myself reinstalling it

i beated this game 3 times so transphobes wouldnt take the right i have to say that this game is garbage

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Ended up abandoning this game because I just couldn't take the constant homophobia aimed at Kanji and pervasive misogyny. No shade at anyone who loves this game, but I do wish those who loved it and reviewed it with such enthusiasm talked about these problems, cause as a queer gamer whose experienced so much homophobia personally...it was too painful to keep playing.

“life is simply unfair” how about i shove a snail up your ass huh how about that

this is probably very obvious to most people, but if you liked breath of the wild or thought that it was flawed but a good jumping off point for a sequel, you will probably enjoy tears of the kingdom. however, if you thought breath of the wild was bad as a game and/or as a direction for the series, tears of the kingdom is not going to make you a fan.
the dungeons are better, but they're still formatted like in breath of the wild. the shrines are better, but they're still shrines. the bosses are much better, but they're still fought with the same combat system. the world is technically bigger, but it's built off of the same world as before. the story is definitely better, but it's still shown and told the same way. the construction gimmick gives you and arguably encourages more avenues to experiment with the game's systems, but they're still the same systems. there's still korok seeds, there's still bad swimming, and the enemy variety still leaves a lot to be desired. it's a game that does a good amount to polish the game that came before it, but it still is adamant about being it's own type of zelda and that won't be for everyone.
for me personally, i enjoy tears of the kingdom as a sequel to breath of the wild and that's how i've chosen to view the game because that's what it was trying to be. the traditional zelda aspects, while improved somewhat, haven't been improved nearly enough for me to see it as a good zelda in the same way i see other zelda games as good zeldas but it wasn't trying to be other zeldas and that's okay with me, but it won't be for everyone.
not at all worth $70 though (no game is)

the best game i never want to play again

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【10 JUNE 2021, THURSDAY_ 】
【07:38 AM】
Augh... █
Not this again... █
I + M
C + S
S + N
W + E
I + M
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(letshugbro) "The Silver Case", huh... █
(letshugbro) Looks interesting. █
(DongSmoker420) it's one of the best games of all time u dumbass █
(K0J1M41SG0D) it's suda51's masterpiece █
(letshugbro) Hmmm.... █
(letshugbro) I guess I should play it. █
(Charizardscumhunter) KILL YOURSELF █
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Guess I'll try this game out... █
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【25  JULY  2021 , SUNDAY_ 】
【1 1:3 7 AM】
What the fuck was that all about? █

This game mentally exhausted me in the funniest way possible. I love it. 10/10.

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