Infuriatingly imperfect. This game has the good core that BOTW did, but doesn't do enough to innovate in any particular direction to truly shine.
As with BOTW, a greater attention to story would increase my enjoyment of the game by a lot despite the repetitive gameplay.

Definitely has a unique sense of style, but ultimately had less to say than TSC while intentionally making large sections of the game more tedious than it.
More of a comedy game than a drama, but it pulls it off.

This review contains spoilers

A wonderful addition to the already amazing Outer Wilds. Introduces the most compelling character of the entire game.
I wish that they didn't tell the player about the option to reduce scares, as the psychological warfare I committed on myself because of the message was way worse than anything in the game.

i'm gay and I feel like the game is trying to tell me something
besides that the game is incredibly boring

Heavily overstays its welcome. Only parts of the game I enjoyed unironically were Futaba's dungeon and the Royal content. Very little of the game is compelling, but the turn based combat was at least bearable.

In terms of gameplay, this is the best From Soft has to offer. Possibly my favorite game of all time. Anri is my wife.

the only horror is the feeling you get after playing this game for more than an hour at a time