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I think it is a well made game. it runs well, looks pretty and does what the developers wanted it to do. It is pretty fun as well, finding a fine balance between RE2's horror and RE4's action.
Where it disappointed was how quickly it went by. This game is VERY short and it did not need to be so. So many things are just thrown at you and you just have to accept that. Nemesis just shows up with no build up, taking away all of the potential horror that could have been there.
There was also a lot of minor things that really just annoyed me. The quick time event when you get grabbed either doesn't work or does something else, but you take damage anyways. In the hospital, those lizard guys can just one shot you out of nowhere and it is completely unfair. This is a good game, but it could have been amazing if the core story was thought out better instead of just acting like a DLC to RE2.

Game owns hard. Runs very smoothly and one of the spookiest gaming experiences I have had in a while. Very solid game.
Two complaints, one minor one major.
I get that you do so little damage to incentivize you to run away, but in some occasions it was just annoying like with the lickers and large groups of enemies, but since it never got in the way and was more of a intentional decision, I can move past it.
One thing that I can't is the consistency of the storylines between the two campaigns. It went back and fourth between having a separate story and one that was one consistent story, so much so that events that one character did in their storyline was retconned by the other. It was confusing and felt very half-assed for a game filled with polish.
Besides those two issues, nothing but praise and one of the best remakes I have played.

I only played the intro sequence of the og, so I don't have the full picture comparing this one to the original.
This game is really, really fun and it keeps me coming back. Ever complaint I have is so minor that it is the nitpicky of nitpicky takes, like the yellow markings on destructible items. All of the discussion and 'controversy' is because people are hyper analyzing a game that is just pure fun. This isn't mean to be art to emotionally impact people, it's just a good time, and people will do anything to ruin that fun for others.
Just a bomb ass game with a lot of replay value.