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Fun fact: FromSoft has a guy working in their office who claims he can speak English. He can't, but he's too embarrassed to admit the lie. He writes all of the dialogue in their games by typing the general concepts into Grammarly so that we end up with technically grammatically correct sentences that are completely nonsensical to the player.
Elden Ring actually has a really interesting lore and world, it's just that no human on Earth actually knows what it is.

As of the time I'm writing this review, I have only finished the main story and am currently doing the postgame. With that being said, this game became an instant favorite Kiseki game and one of my favorite games of all time. This game is the love letter to the series that Cold Steel 4 wishes it was. The story on its own has tons of amazing moments, but it's further boosted by the game's absolutely brilliant structure. Being able to view 3 sides of the same story parallel to each other makes the narrative that much more engaging, and it all comes together in a beautiful finale that left me speechless. Reverie feels like a massive apology for the mixed bag of a conclusion that was Cold Steel 4, and it did it by completely surpassing that game in every way to provide an actually satisfying sendoff. This game is proof that Falcom isn't out of steam and can still make masterpiece games in this series. If I could rate this game higher than a 10/10, I would. Trails into Reverie is a perfect name, for this is the type of once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can only dream of.

Has more gameplay variety than 99% of auto-runners released in the last 15 years and is far funnier than any garbage "memes" to come out of the Wendy's Twitter page. This thing was ahead of its time.

Muy bueno, tanto para los veteranos de Armored core, como para la gente nueva que prueba por primera vez AC, tiene un mix de cosas de los anteriores y agrega nuevas. Termine los tres finales, cada uno mejor que el otro. Espero que se termine convirtiendo en un clásico este juego, es todo lo que está bien. A partir de ahora solo cuando un juego se merece 5 estrellas le pondré 5, el resto no pondré estrellas.

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Trails into Reverie is a wonderful send off to the first half of the Trails saga.
This game's narrative is so well thought out and the way it uses context from previous entries while not overdoing it on narrative fanservice was incredible. I was genuinely surprised the writers were able to hold back on several things that might have bogged down the game and made it feel like a simple "fanservice fest." Thankfully they avoided that and managed to smartly retcon a couple decisions from previous entries to enhance the experience.
The gameplay is the same as every other previous entry, the additions only serve to further break the combat system, even further than it was already broken. If you like turn based combat you'll enjoy this game.
The Chapter 2 fight where the player swaps between parties in the middle of a fight was incredible, I hope the franchise continues to experiment with that stuff in the future. Multi-party management was already a thing in previous entries but swapping side mid-battle was a true novelty, something I've never seen a game do before. Unironically so cool.
The use of the good ending of Cold Steel 4 to complete Rean's character arc was one of the smartest things in the franchise. Not since Loewe was I more captivated by an Antagonist's presence, and that is saying something.
Of course the star of this game's show is the equivalent of Sky 3rd's Star Doors. Such a great set of short stories that let us get to know our favorite characters even more.
Recommended to anyone who likes Trails, but obviously you should play the previous games first.

A vos Hidetaka Miyazaki, que sé que me estas leyendo, sos un sorete, dejaste tirado la mejor saga de mechas por dark souls, espero aunque sea un remake. Puto.

May this piece of complete dogshit be the Ark that delivers Capcom back into the hells of abject failure, full of horrors they haven't seen since the 7th gen. I want this bastard company dashed across the fucking rocks and scattered into the wind, just as they did with Mega Man. Inshallah the locusts will devour the flimsy goodwill they gained (certainly not earned) over the past several years, so that their cowardice will be layed bare to even the redditors that kiss their feet. Inafune was never the problem, just a symptom, and I want the disease GONE.

The first and probably last Persona-game I will play. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, and while initially I was intrigued by the "socializing" part of the game, I noticed pretty quickly that I just don't care about that. So, I hoped that at least the RPG aspect would draw me in... But it didn't. Basic and straightforward, there was just not much to it. It was also infuriating how often the game would recap the events that had just happened minutes before, assuming that players have the attention-span of a fruitfly.
Probably a good game overall, just not for me.

wonderful video game
best to treat the last bonus case as a whole second game attached to this one
very long case

i cant rate this 5/5 because i dont fucking like leif but this is the most fun fire emblem game. really good stuff here. you can literally take someone's equipped weapon and leave them unable to hit you its actually really funny