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it's extremely broken and unbalanced.
All debuffs to stats apply a 3% debuff meaning the only debuff ever worth using is evasion down and only on Legend difficulty.
DoT effects are pointless outside of the chapter 11 boss fight (And that's only if you aren't leveled) because you deal more damage in one character's basic attack than you do in about 6 or so turns of having all three DoT effects stacked on an enemy.
Accuracy doesn't matter at all in Normal and Hard but is a massive issue in Legend difficulty because even at level 99 in every single job you miss about 60% of your attacks so you either apply Evasion Down or use Magic/Essences because they have 100% accuracy and typically hit more than one enemy anyway.
Like 90% of your entire skill list is garbage because magic and Essences are objectively the best way to attack every single time.
The only good moves are Reverse German Suplex (Legend only), Head Trauma, Noblesse Oblige, Paralysis Prongs, Darts Airstrike, Thumbtack Scatter (Normal only), Jackpot Chip (Farming hobos only), and Shadow Stitch (Legend only).
Entire endgame is strictly Essence spam because it's the highest damage and hits all enemies. This extends even to Legend but Legend sometimes summons or applies Shadow Stitch to 1v1 enemies.
You aren't told the distance of AoE attacks that aren't Essences so you have to guess.
Characters get stuck on the environment which leads to them getting hit out of their attack or picking up an object that causes them to miss.
Agility being so important makes Adachi the worst party member and Han the best.
Then there's the jobs but I'm running out of room
Jobs are absolutely terribly balanced.
Freelancer is unusable and its only good skill is available to all jobs and it can't even equip a weapon so its damage output is immediately down like 200 attack in an instant.
Homeless is just a worse Host so there's no reason to use it once Host is leveled up.
Detective is a tank job in a game where tank jobs are worthless (Normal) or unviable (Legend).
Barmaid is unusable because Saeko is a mage but all of its attacks are physical and its Essences are terrible.
Clerk is only good on Normal. As soon as you go into Legend its only worth is Essence of Nunchuk Telephone but because Dealer's Darts Airstrike is so good and Matriarch's Noblesse Oblige is so good (But up to RNG) there's no reason to bother because Shadow Stitch passes on anyway.
Hitman is only good on Normal. As soon as you go into Legend it goes from one-shotting enemies to dealing like 600 damage even on its Essence of Matrix Bullet Time.
Bodyguard is by far the single worst job in the game because it's a glass canon whose attacks are resisted by like 70% of the enemies in the game, has terrible damage, that damages itself, that has such poor accuracy that even on Normal it misses constantly, and its essences are 1v1.
Chef is the second worst job in the game because it's a mage job stat-wise with no magic attacks. It's all physical. The only thing saving it is Peppermill Blow which is all jobs anyway.
Musician is a support requires the Voltage gimmick to work at all but it gains Voltage randomly and immediately blows it all once it does. Its buffs are all garbage and its damage is even worse.
Devil Rocker is only good at the very start of the game but it's unlocked way too late and its weapon is way too hidden. Its Essences are garbage (Insta-death 1v1 that always misses is my favorite) and its best attack is a low level all enemy attack that deals garbage damage.

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