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The presentation, visuals, and sound are all really good and a huge step up from Diablo 3. I was surprised the game even had consistent cutscenes for the main story.
But that alone doesn't make up for how easy it is. I never felt a sense of urgency in large crowds other than a couple of bosses where dodging was actually useful. Abilities feel pointless as they all evenly contribute to the chaos, so I never felt like I had to step outside of my comfort zone to try new ones. Then the sense of progression is lost when everything scales with your level, it only made finding loot / leveling up feel pointless when enemies are getting stronger with me.
Seeing I didn't enjoy either Diablo 3 or 4, I think the series just may not be for me.

Played the first 30 mins and oof, it's as bad as they say. Runs badly, visuals aren't anything too special, low texture bugs, and pretty bad AI. That mixed with the overly talkative characters and looter-shooter gun stats is enough to keep me away for now. At least I can always replay Prey...

Great impression being my first Metroid game! My highlights would be how satisfying the parry system feels and the fluidity of every animation in the game.
My biggest complaint would be some of the controls felt confusing on what combo of buttons to hold down, I'd often end up doing something else than what I wanted. Got a hold of it by the very end as you don't have much of a choice with that final boss.