Fortnite Seasoned Ranked

A ranking of the seasons I've played.

So much content in this update from unique weapons, UFOs, abduction loot minigame, RICK AND MORTY, etc.. how can it ever top this?
This was my first real season so I feel the primal theme made for a good start and the bows were fun. Looking back I don't think I would've enjoyed it as much if I was already playing.
Don't remember much special about this one other than the cubes all over the place. But still on the original map so rank 3.
No building and tanks, what more do you want? (Other than Pleasant Park ofc)
Chapter 3's map just doesn't live up to the original, for example there's no Pleasant Park equivalent that everyone rushes to.
I think the first season was still exciting to check out at the time though.
Nothing much against this one, just kinda forgettable other than the reality seed stuff.
Barely any changes to the map and I don't like the chrome mechanic or weapons. Felt nothing special was really added this season


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