God of War Ragnarök is a true successor to God of War (2018), it essentially is that game but with more. More enemies, environments, characters, game mechanics, and side content. Making the whole package a very enjoyable experience and really fun to play, so much so I couldn't help but go for 100% completion as I wanted to continue to kill things with my axe.
The story is also very good, as it continues to be character driven and explores the many different relationships between the cast. I think the only issue I have with Ragnarök is it can have trouble tying all of these smaller stories into the main, over-arching narrative without pacing issues and weird moments that don't make too much sense but need to happen for things to move along. Not a deal-breaker but stops it from being a perfect 10/10.
All-in-all I had a great time and can't wait to see what Santa Monica Studios does next.

Reviewed on Jan 06, 2023