I played this game as a kid and it made me realize that I can't stand collectathons.

I played this as a kid on the PS3 compilation. I just never quite got into for whatever reason.

I can see why people would like this game, but I didn't. It's just not the kind of difficulty I can enjoy.

I couldn't play this game on my computer without lowering the resolution to the point that the game ran in a window that took up a tenth of my screen. It was genuinely difficult to play that way. Hisako is fun, though.

This game isn't bad, but I really did not enjoy playing it.

This game is all right, but the puzzles can get pretty pixel hunt-y, which I very much dislike.

This is a fun game for hanging out with a friend or two and messing around. There's not much else to it, in my opinion.

The visuals and music are good, but the gameplay wasn't really all that fun for me. I think this game would've been better as a series of animated music videos connected by a vague story. It almost is that already.

I played this as a kid on the PS3 compilation of Genesis games that was around then. I remember enjoying it but also never getting past the level with the music theme. I remember the music in general being pretty good. I don't really feel like going back to play it again.

It looks nice, and the music's not bad, but I did not have much fun playing this game.

This game rules. One of the characters is a photographer for her high school's newspaper who attacks by blinding people with her camera's flash. Every character can punch people thirty feet up into the air and start doing air combos. There are separate throws for if you're standing or crouching, and crouching throws will always land if you're in range. This game's like if Marvel Vs Capcom had 3D fighting game sidestepping and you never had to play as your assist characters if you didn't want to. This is a great game to bring to your local fighting game events because it's hilarious but also has enough to it that you can take it seriously as a fighting game.

I haven't finished this game yet, but so far it's fun but not exceptional.

The acceleration feels bad and the camera is pretty mean. But Speed Highway is fun and the music is generally pretty good. I get why people would've gone nuts for this back when it was new, but I'm too used to the improvements to video games that were made after this game came out.

This game is cool. I wish the Dreamcast port could do VGA, it would make playing it with other people in person a lot easier for me.

I spent two weeks doing basically nothing but playing this game when it came out. I probably shouldn't have done that, it kind of burned me out on the game. New Purah's hot and I'm glad the internet agrees with me on that.