Beautiful but boring to play. It's designed to essentially function like a turn-based RPG thanks to the wait time between each hit and the way that your characters slow to a crawl around enemies so you can't do much of any dodging. Unfortunately, it's one where the optimal strategy in almost all battles is to just use Attack until you win, throwing HP recovery items as needed. There are spells, but you can kill enemies in less time than it takes to cast a spell by just using attacks, not to mention that there are screen-wide attacks you can unleash after using your basic Attack enough times. As was not uncommon of Squaresoft in this era, many of the spells also don't work or don't do what they're supposed to, and some of the stats don't work right either. The Luck stat and the Energy Ball spell are supposed to increase the critical hit rate, but you can't actually deal critical hits in this game. Agility also allegedly has no influence on accuracy/evasion, but it's hard to tell.
With all that said, the art design is phenomenal and it's visually one of my favorite sprite-based games, so it manages to be okay as long as it's letting you move from new area to new area at a decent clip just to see them. Sometimes it doesn't let you do that, though, because there's a fair amount of backtracking.

Reviewed on Jan 17, 2022