Mismo juego. Lo pase solo para pasarme a los bichos a la switch

Meh, muy arcade y la historia floja. Un bajo tras el 2

Is a game that does a lot of things good but have some mistakes that mess the experience a little for me.
The combat is super refreshing but it makes you farm two times during the game even if you have completed all the secondary missions.
The character are nice but I think that a character as goofy as Kasuga doesn't benefit from this type of narrative like kiryu did. The party of the main character being so different from each other sometimes takes away the seriousness in some scenes that intent to be dramatic.

Best pokemon game in the recent years, undeniably. I understand how the graphics are a problem and the Pokemon company is trash for pressuring gamefreak. But Gamefreak did a perfect job for this game. Is the perfect evolution of the saga. The gameplay always keep you busy, the exploration is great, and the new mechanics for the combat are perfect for the competitive. Big W