Oof, this game was rough. Immediately after booting this up I knew I wouldn't like it. The menu is an overcluttered jumble of microtransactions, the tutorial was abysmal at conveying the games premise (seriously, we played 3-4 games and still had no idea what we were doing), and the gameplay was diluted with convoluted abilities. Played it once, never want to again.

Reviewed on May 30, 2024


1 month ago

I was actually so bloody close to buying this game a couple of months back, but everytime I want to do so, I take a quick glimpse at its page on Steamcharts, and I think I'm good I would prefer to use those 20$ in something else

1 month ago

@HunterMask Thankfully this was included on PS+, although it is an hour and a half I'll never back...