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Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Aug 29

Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run

Aug 29

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Aug 29

Pikmin Bloom
Pikmin Bloom

Aug 06

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Rayman Origins but bite sized to an autorunner format!
Fun. Gorgeous 2D art. And as per usual there's some pretty challenging levels as well especially the Land of the Dead levels.
With all that said I'd say I prefer Fiesta Run over this one but this is still a good Rayman mobile game entry.
Note: I played this on Android but had to download it from another source (Internet Archive). Apparently Ubisoft closed down the Rayman mobile games and their servers so there's no way to buy them. Typical Ubisoft shenanigans but nothing surprising.

Current thoughts.
Just started playing this as it went free to play. It's alright so far. A shame it's free as obviously there's microtransactions meaning most of the Disney characters seem locked behind paywalls. I do like the racetracks particularly the music as some tracks will incorporate classic Disney songs (eg. I'll Make A Man Out of You, Zero to Hero) but the songs themselves are shortened and drowned out by the sound effects, voices, and original game score.
Also minus points for locking multiplayer until you finish singleplayer. Why do games do this? Just let me play what mode I want to play.
Not sure if I'll stick with this for long but we'll see. Would love to see Nightmare Before Christmas characters get added.

Not a review.
Not particularly a fan of the anti camp feature they got coming to the game. Due to how annoying survivors can be I'd imagine that that system will be abused. I assume BHVR is coding bot Killers into the game because I'd imagine the Killer playerbase will decline a bit. I'll probably stop playing myself for a while but I'll see how it is once it goes live. Right now the game just isn't too fun on both sides. As Survivor you get teammates who try to kill you or Killers who try to bm. And then as Killer your option is to really only camp and tunnel most times due to gen speeds, map safety, and perk balance.