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It has bugs and the gameplay is not that good. But it's still the best the 2nd best Marvel game till now because of it's story. The story in this game is better than the story in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

I really liked the contained setting, it made it feel very grounded, but the stakes were still just as high. All the acts had a really nice progression. I started crying when florence + the machine played during the credits.

This was an odd one. The game world is surprisingly small. It is very repetitive. The story is super complex. But...

I had fun. The world felt believable, the combat felt engaging and the story turned in ways that felt bold and unexpected. I can see how someone might not like this one. It is certainly different from Origins and the story, at least in my playthrough, got pretty dark but it kind of made me think, "Hey, even with the best intentions, things can go bad in ways you hadn't predicted." The characters you don't actively control have their own motives that you aren't privy to. It was a good ride... not exactly what I was wanting/expecting but fun enough.



I am incapable of finishing this damn game. I have started and dropped numerous playthroughs of DOOM but often give up during the first time in Hell. It's strange because I quite like this game. Ripping and tearing and such is very fun, and exploring the levels for secrets and Funko Pops is enjoyable to me. And the difficulty at least on ultra-violence is far from frustrating to me. The core components of DOOM are all fantastic, which leads me to feeling confused as to why I am the way I am with this game.

I can't quite put my finger on any specific reason as to why I struggle with getting through DOOM other than the vague notion of "fatigue". Maybe combat encounters are too frequent and exhausting, or maybe it's the other side of the spectrum and exploration is too lengthy and hollow. Deeper in my playthroughs I just end up feeling sick of playing at the end of sessions and dread starting a new one. However, when kicking off a new playthrough I always have a blast, I just get worn down.

I think it's a real shame, I want to love this game; it’s unapologetically cool, combat is stellar, soundtrack slaps, and the world just resonates with me. But something about DOOM keeps me from loving it. Maybe DOOM Eternal will click with me in a way that 2016 doesn't. Or maybe one these days I'll finally have a playthrough I want to finish.

DA2 still being my favorite Dragon Age game, 2nd time beating the game
Now as a Mage, 1st was a Rogue

Not the best game, but hey? having fun is all that matters
Walking up and down to Wounded Coast, Lowtown, Hightown and etc... it's a bit boring

The companions: lovem them all... Minus Anders, fvck Anders (I'm a simp for Isabela)
Fenris betrayed me in the end, kinda sad but boy... he WAS stomped by Me and Merril lol

The DLC's were very cool, Sebastian is a good boy and Tallis is fun.

Fuck off, Wizards. The shuffling fucking sucks, I can play 10 games without seeing a card.

Magic is super cool irl and the online experience you can have is a manipulated shit that fucking crashes or lags if you tab out, fuck off.

You get to join a book club with Blade from the movie Blade.

Very, VERY boring. Literally a chore simulator. Not worth the money at all.

Straight men truly don’t get this game and it need to stay that way