egads! some scenes are very yikes!
it's unhinged that this even exists. bravo Kodaka 💀
You play as my little pookie bear, Komaru. Or as one of the children calls her, Cumaru laughs tracks. Yes, this game is meant to be an offensivefest. You're not meant to take it literally, but this really should have every trigger warning in the world. Only this one involves kids. You don't want kids and the elderly to suffer if you're a good person, so this hits different! There's nothing more offensive than the gameplay though, come on folks focus on what's important! The different bullets are goofy and it's a humorous attempt to piggybacks off Danganronpa's "statements-are-bullets" idea (btw there is a HUGE danganronpa reference at the end!).
This one has a bad scenario. But good dialogue. But meh characters. But improved Toko in every aspect without changing her core character (she still stinks and femcel'd all over the place). But eye-straining environment. But good voice acting. But goofy ahh models. But good designs. But Yuta's design. This game is a big risk but, Dangan fans ate it up anyways. It's still entertained me for its uniqueness :) I vibe with this more than RAIN CODE for some reason.

Reviewed on Nov 21, 2023